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When it comes to comic book characters there are some that represent emotions, weather, animals, and even food, but the ones that I love when it comes to countries are the ones that represent flags. Today is Independence day for America, which is the country I am native to and the most notable flag-theme character Captain America, this character alone has spawn off video games, movies, and merchandise that have went global, with that being stated there are other characters that strongly represent America that I will expose to you readers. Happy 4th of July!


Stargirl(Courtney Whitmore) was created by Geoff Johns, he based her personality on his sister and she got her powers by taking the original star-spangled kid stuff, who was murdered by Mr.Bones. Being the stepdaughter of the original star-spangled kid partner Stripe, he made a battlesuit for himself to protect her with and they both defend America in the team known as the JSA. The best existing film on the Dc film roster that would best fit her, if not in her own standalone could possibly be Wonder Woman as a cameo character. The way to fit her in is when Diana goes to see an old friend and a teenage Courtney comes to the door and then proceeds to call down her stepfather. The actress that best fits her is Nicola Peltz, and yes I know she is from that godawful Transformer 4 movie, but with a good script this girl can pull it off.

American Eagle

American Eagle(Jason Strongbow) is a Marvel character and he is essentially the native american version of Black Panther, same villain that tried to destroy his village, uranium instead of vibranium, but his father doesn't die lol! I personally want this character to have his own film, because I’m all up for diversity and lesser known characters, but if not then I think he will do best in a easter egg line in Black Panther, where Klaw says “I now need something to channel the sound waves”. Taylor Lautner has the look and isn't a bad actor, plus he could use this breakout role. Assassin Creed 3 alone shows that a native american in the lead role can easily become a hit.

Agent Liberty

When it comes to Agent Liberty story in the comics he was a guy who got stranded in Iraq after a CIA mission went wrong and made it back to America, and join a team by the name of the Sons of Liberty. Agent Liberty just has some high tech weapons and helped Superman, so I think he would do just fine in a Man of Steel sequel where he plays a supporting role in helping Sups defeat Lex Luthor. My casting pick for this character would have to be Callan Mulvey, because the guy just screams action when he's onscreen.

Free Spirit

Cathy Webster was a college student who wasn't excelling in academics and got expelled from her school, seemingly desperate she reconsidered a offer from Dr.Wentworth and was granted improved physical performance. Cathey later fought with Captain America against Zemo and Dr.Wentworth, so why not put her in the last act of Captain America: Civil War, as one of Zemo pets. Ashley Benson has proved time and time again that she can perform well in a large cast, so she would be really good plus she can pass for a college student.

IT's just a joke, Mother forgive me!
IT's just a joke, Mother forgive me!

The Comedian

Watchmen may not even come close to your greatest superhero film, but for me I watch it on a yearly basis and love it so much that I had to put my main man on this list.There is no one that could play Edward Blake like Jeffrey Dean Morgan did, I loved almost everyone performance in that movie, but him and Jackie Earle Haley were just mind altering. I want the comedian in any, and every Dc film!


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