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There have been a lot of takes on Spider-Man in the past few years, the snarky teenager, the crying one and... John Hughes?

There has been a lot of speculation about the latest, and rather soon, adaptation of our favorite web-slinger, with the final announcement that Tom Holland would be taking over the role. However, the latest surprise comes in the form of Kevin Feige, head of Marvel, stating that the newest adaptation will focus solely on the high school years of Peter Parker's life, as opposed to the last adaptations which had him mainly in college, or had him in high school but then graduating.

Spider-Man will be a 'John Hughes'movie. Some of my favorite Spider-Man arcs and Spider-Man stories,he's in high school for a lot of it. We want to explore that. That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU, which is something else we want to explore, how unique he is when now put against all these other characters.

It is purely unique having him in high school, and with Tom Holland looking as young as he does, that makes the most sense. He also had a great chemistry with Robert Downey Jr, whom he did a screen test with.

That was a big part of it. When we'll see that, I don't know, but that is a big part of it.

Another unique aspect is that they are bringing in a comic book villain that we have yet to see in the cinematic universe to spar against Spider-Man. I must say that that is a relief, I think we can all agree that we have seen enough of the Green Goblin for awhile.

Right now, we're interested in seeing villains that we haven't before.

Now the only question is.... Will we get to see him singing on a parade float?



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