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Hi. I'm Allison I honestly don't know actually 100% on why people self-harm but I think it's because they feel like an oddball. Like the people who hurt their selves they feel different from the other people. Mean its hard to fit in alone. An its especially harder when you have stuff on your mind. Trust me, i've been through this and still am. But just because I had someone do horrible things to me, doesn't mean I'm their victim, No I'm not their victim. I'm a surivior. Do you know why? Because I fought it through. I still hurt myself because of that person. I don't know why, but I do. I have PTSD it basically means I had a awful thing happen to me. And I selfharmed for 3 years because of them. And I still do. Sadly, don't give them that pleasure. Please, and please stop ruining your perfect body over someone who doesn't deserve to live.


Allison Garner.


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