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Izzy Wizzy

I can remember going to see this with my father its been so long ago i can't believe this movie came out around 2011-2012 thats so long ago man.

I really did enjoy this movie but i haven't seen it in ages its been too long.

The good the things i can say about this movie it is funny their is lots of action scenes through out the film.

The romance is good but noting surprising not like we haven't seen it before.

This movie did good in box office thats for sure not i have heard they are making a second one but who knows i here they aren't now don't know.

Its like hellboy if your going to make another one don't wait forever to make it because the fans lose their tattle for the film.

If you like cool and strange but fun movies this would be for you turn your lights off in your room and watch your room light up with all of the different colors.

I would say to you to buy this but don't spend no more then $10 dollars on it :)


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