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Is amazing since the year 2000 is like every 2 years we get a new Final Destination movie as death itself take out survivors who have escape there own demise!

I caught this movie very late when I saw the third installment and finally get to rent the other two movies and since then I became a fan and I can't believe I miss this one.

Because these movies are so awesome how each person die a different death and scene that make you say WTF.

Sadly to say it ended in 5 series of movies I wish it continues but all good horror franchise have to come to a end until one day I have heard this series will be making a comeback let hope so and bring on Tony Todd also.

Meanwhile check my review of each of the Final Destination movies started with the 1 and 2 on June 7th, 3 and 4 on June 8th and the part 5 on June 9.

On my youtube channel as GhettoPizzaBX just google me.


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