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Tucker Alan Shaffer

Hello readers! This is my first and ever post. That being said I have no idea if anyone has covered what I'm about to discuss. But could Captain America have safely landed the plane in his first movie? (When I say "survived" I mean not a Cap Sickle for decades)

You know how in The Titanic when the ship sinks and Rose is on the piece of floating debris and Jacks hanging on to the edge?

Jack totally could have lived and fit on the floating debris with Rose! Heck they could have even played a game of cards as depicted in the image above.

Well enough of that example.

In the first Captain America movie, the Captain is seen fighting Red Skull on his bomb plane or whatever.

Well shortly into that seen the directional controls on the plane are bumped into and it sends the plane flying straight downwards. Red Skull gets to the controls and switches the plane to autopilot. It's during this time we see that the controls are in freaking Enlish!!!!

The problem in the movie was that Steve says he doesn't know how to pilot and the plane is on a fast track to New York. But with the control panel being in English then couldn't he have been able to try to figure out how to land the plane safely?

That's just how I saw it. What do you guys think? Do you think Cap could have tried to figure out how to pilot the plane enough for a "safer" landing? Let me know in the comments below!


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