ByAbhi Mozumdar, writer at

Ok, so part of Marvel's viral campaign in promoting Ant-Man has been the inclusion of fake news broadcast called Newsfront headed by Christine Everhart:

In Civil War, the comic event, there was a series called Front Line which followed the events unfolding in the War through the eyes of two non-superpowered news reporters who risked their lives time and again as heroes dished out deadly blows against heroes with no thought to collateral. There sole intent was to get to bottom of this "War" and find the source who was funding and benifitting from it. Which they did.

Now, while these reporters had a Daily Bugle regular Ben Urich, who might not be returning due to events from Daredevil, I am inclined to think that Christine Everhart might take on the role of Sally Floyd given her hatred towards Stark.

Therefore this cute little device Marvel has for tying the loose ends of their universe called Newsfront, might very well take a very dark twisted turn... and very soon!

So here's to a Marvelous future. This has been Moz reporting with Marvel News. Stay tuned for more insights! :D


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