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As we all know, the new Fantastic Four movie has got the world's attention. Some of the criticism has been towards the casting has been...shall we say, frankly disgusting. But why has the casting been an issue? Of course some fans are upset over Jordan playing Johnny Storm. Jordan is African-American and Johnny Storm is Caucasian in the comics. Some sceptics are upset over the origins of Storm being affected. Some are upset over Hollywood racebending for political correctness. So Micheal B Jordan received a large number of racism towards him. Is this justified? Of course not.

People need to look at the bigger picture. The original consensus of the characters are the same. In the comics Sue and Johnny are brother and sister. In the movie, Franklin Storm adopted Sue Storm. So Sue and Johnny are steb siblings. They are in essence still related. So what is the problem? Movies have always changed from the original source. Example, in Wolverine Origins, Gambit never met Wolverine until much later. Movies always change it. This movie is no different but the change is not a huge one. Which begs the this actually about race? Of course it is.

When it comes to colour people are very opinionated. But I credit Josh Trank for making this move. A move that needs to be done. We want to live in a world where colour is irrelevant. That notion unfortunately is way off. However, we can start breaking down the barriers of racism. Jordan should be judged by the way he portrays Storm not his colour. In my eyes, he is perfect for the role. He is young, cocky, funny and charismatic. Everything that Johnny Storm is. To see only colour is just ignorant. I have debated with other users who feel that movie corporations are racebending white roles.

This is not true. If anything Hollywood has actually racebended ethnic minority roles to be played by white actors. Ever since the 1950's white actors would paint their faces and play a black,hispanic, asian, arab,Indian etc. Unfortunately it still echoes today. Nicholas Cage in The World Trade Center played the part of a black man. An real life hero. The Hunger Games novel - Katniss is actually mixed race but is played by Lawrence a white actress. There are many more examples.

So in today's society we need to rise above the colour issue. People like Bendis who created Miles Morales a black Spiderman. Marvel comics for making Sam Wilson as Captain America. Also now with the very diverse All New All Different Marvel roster. I applaud these changes. Changes that are not made for the sake of it. But changes that are a positive one.

Jordans inclusion is exactly that.....a positive change!

I think that people who are critical of this movie will be eating humble pie....a lot of it!


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