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Welcome to 'Trivia and trix', our weekly segment that delves deeper into a trending film, series. We have bullet point's observations. Think of it as 'deleted scenes'

Kyle Reese:

Tom Hardy, Garrett Hedlund would have been a far better Kyle Reese than Jai Courtney. The role in the script is excellent, full of huge potential peaks and dives. Courtney's one-note delivery is a waste of the character. With Tom Hardy as Reese, it could have made the film, and even catapulted him to the A-list on the scale of Chris Pratt.


The marketing ruins not just the big twist, but ALL the action scenes. Arnold diving through a helicopter, Bus flip on the Golden Gate Bridge, Arnold cradling infant Sarah? You've seen all of it in a trailer. When you do see these scenes, they lose their shock value.

Nowhere is this as bad as the emotional value of seeing John reveal his twisted defection to the machines to Srah. This should be a shocking, maddening moment that powers the tension for the rest of the film. It still does, but you do have to suspend your memory of the trailers at first to try and experience the fear Sarah and Kyle feel . As always when you're trying to feel surprised , the impact is nothing compared to the gut punch of feeling for it real, totally unaware.

Compare that to Christopher's Nolan Interstellar, where the coolest visuals - the wormhole and the robot TARS - plus even basic plot points from the film's beginning, were hidden from trailers.

Critics out of sync with audiences?

Terminator Genisys currently has a truly awful rating of 26% percent on Rotten Tomatoes, based on reviews from professional film critics. Audiences - the ones who've actually seen Genisys so far - have enjoyed the film, giving it a solid B+ rating. A majority of this critic's personal friends who share, as well as users on film communities, agree that it's an entertaining actioner that deeply respects James Cameron's original - leaving sequels 3 and 4 dust. Some fans, like myself, feel it's outright brilliant - a deep sci-fi with compelling characters, themes, and action. This is a clear case of critics clashing with fans.

On that note though, are...

Hardcore fans the only ones seeing this movie?

The film's box office results from Thursday are in, and worryingly, their below expectations. The weekend is far from over, so check back on Monday for the box office, and our eulogy / attempt to reason it all if the film does actually bomb. Hopefully, that won't happen. This is a unique, rousing movie that unfortunately has had to fight bad buzz since it's announcement due to it's poorly made family relations.

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Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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