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Wow it is really going to happen!!! The first three comic book heroes ever will be on the movie screen for the first time in what may be the most anticipated movie of all time [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). That's right, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all in one movie. And while that sounds amazing the movie is not due to release until 25 March 2016. However, geeks around the world were treated to our first official look at the Trinity on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly Trinity Cover
Entertainment Weekly Trinity Cover

While this picture of the founding members of the Justice League is glorious in the eyes of many fanboys more critical eyes found flaws in the Entertainment Weekly cover. One of the biggest complaints was that the white background did no favors for the Cape Crusader aka Batman; making him look out of place and a bit out of his element. And of course with this being a cover of a magazine the writing is to be expected as Entertainment Weekly has to advertise what is in the magazine to get readers to buy and subscribe. So while fans were excited to see the Trinity united as one it was a bit underwhelming some. Well be underwhelmed no more!!!

Official Trinity Poster???
Official Trinity Poster???

As you can see this picture has no writing that distracts and prevents you from seeing the Trinity in all their glory. Also you will notice that a background was added which is more flattering to Batman. The tones seem to be a little bit richer and darker as well. This picture is courtesy of International Business Times. No word if this is an actual official poster for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but it does give us a better look at this epic trio. But until we find out if this is an official poster please share your thought below. Does this image get you more geeked for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


Does this new image get you more geeked for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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