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Baldwin Collins

Martine beswick a English actress and former model, Was born in port antonio, jamaica. She's the only jamaican to be seen in two bond movies since the inception of the film series, She played a Gypsy Girl named Zora Fighting Another Girl over a lover. in 'From Russia with love ' (1963)

Second appearance as a Operative Named Paula Caplan to James bond (Sean Connery ) in 'Thunderball' (1965)

Outside of Bond films, Beswick has appeared in many classic films 'One million years b.c ' Hammer films 'Dr. Jeckyll & sister Hyde " She's also appeared in popular television t v series 'Days of our Lives' Santa Barbara ' 'The Fall Guy' 'Hart to Hart' 'The six million Dollarman ' 'Fantasy island ' And many More.


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