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The One Above All is responsible for all existence in the Marvel universe, the most powerful character ever written by Marvel, and older than the universe itself. He is said to be a giant Celestial leader that can wipe out entire galaxies without even so much as trying, somewhat like this.


Unlike the one above The One Above All is known to only be more about love, life, and kindness, but he has somewhat twisted his ways before in the comic universe. Characters such as the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange , Thor, and Odin even say that they couldn't even so much as hold a match to his powers. so with that being said if he were to get a little mad at the universe who could stop him?

#1: Green Lantern

Yeah i know hes not as powerful as Superman or Thor but he has overcome his own fears, and well fear itself.

His ring can do anything that he can imagine and he is a true hero, so put together his powers and the heart behind it and he might just be able to stand toe to toe with just about anyone giving the One Above All a good fight.

#2: Perseus

Now with the One Above All being somewhat like a god i had to bring in a couple of god killers. Perseus has defeated Medusa, King Acrisius, the Kraken, and Ares just to name a few.

He is the most definite demigod ever in my opinion, with his background of being a great soldier turned hero and a monster killing machine i think Perseus would seek out a weakness and use it against him.

#3: Sun Wukong (Monkey King)

Sun Wukong was an ancient Chinese god, super strong, super fast, and super endurable. The monkey king wields a staff called a jīn that is somewhat like Thor's hammer but anyone can wield it thought.. if they can lift around 18,000 pounds but only the Monkey king can push his chi through it to make it fly around and even fight for itself on any occasion. and it was said that he could travel 34,000 miles in a single somersault.

Although he is a great warrior some of his powers are incomplete because he was carved from stone but the carver wasn't able to finish his tail before he was awakened. if bad comes to worse i think that Sun Wukong while wielding his jīn could eventually defeat the giant Celestial.

#4: Kratos

OK now if there is anyone that can kill a god like being it would be Lord Kratos. now let me ask who has he not killed in Greece? exactly he is my last resort when it comes to this type of thing because that is all he knows.

Now in his case size doesn't matter... do you see that tiny little thing on the mad titan Cronus's forehead? yup that's Kratos, he masters in the impossible and usually doesn't care if he dies or not so he wouldn't hold back one bit, even if the One Above All does pull off the victory he will damn sure know that Kratos was there.


Who do you think could defeat The One Above All?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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