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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
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With Captain America Civil War coming soon, we are waiting to witness the clash of the titans, the battle of the giants, the fight between Captain America and wait for it, Iron Man. Yes, these two best friends are gonna duke it out in Captain America Civil War in an epic battle that we don't know the results of. But what we know is that it's gonna be amazing.

But with Marvel's epic brawl, there is another storm a brewing in DC comics for they will be releasing in 2016 Batman V.S Superman Dawn of Justice which shows clearly from the title that it will feature the fight between Batman and Superman which will be as epic as Captain America V.S Iron Man if not more.

These two movies, makes us think about the most epic heroes clashes of all time and especially those who have almost similar powers so i thought about the best 10 i could think of. So here it goes:

10) Thor V.S Raiden

Thor with all his might will take on Mortal Kombat's very own Raiden with all of their thunderess abilities the battle will be amazing for it will show who is the true master of thunder

Winner: Thor

9) Falcon V.S Archangel

These two will have a pretty impressive fight. Both can fly but we don't know Falcon's wings come through for him but angle will keep on flying

Winner: Archangel

8) The Flash V.S Quicksilver

These two have speed in their name so the fight will be neutral

Winner: The Flash

7) Charles Xavier V.S Scarlet Witch

Both of these heroes have an incredible mind control power but Charles Xavier has a better expirience than Scarlet Witch

Winner: Charles Xavier

6) Hawkeye V.S Green Arrow

These have no super power but they are pretty good with a bow and arrow

Winner : undetermined

5) Jonathan Storm aka The Human Torch V.S Bobby aka Ice Man

It's not just a brawl between two superheroes ,it's the battle of the elements, fire v.s ice

Winner: the human torch

4) Captain Marvel V.S Wonder Woman

These two women will have a incredible fight

Winner : Captain Marvel

3) Superman V.S Shazam

Two epic superheroes with amazing super powers but in the end superman has more resiliency than shazam

Winner : Superman

2) the incredible Hulk V.S The Thing

Two fearless monsters with amazing strength and reseliency but the hulk is absolutely indestructible

Winner : The Hulk

1) Batman V.S Deadpool

This is the most epic battle of them all ,both of them have incredible skills and are amazing with weapons so this is without a doubt one of the most epic battles between superheroes

Winner : undetermined

These are the most epic battles i could think of. What do you think? Do you have any other epic superheroe brawls?


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