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I'm neither a marvel fan nor DC's

We have seen really better war , action and thesis between DC fan boys and Marvel Fan boys than AGE OF ULTRON . People keep accusing Marvel and DC for their different approaches their character shades. Some months before when DC revealed his plans for their cinematic universe a huge debate took over social media about the difference in approaches between two comic giants.

Marvel comic cinematic universe - what marvel did till now

Well the story of marvel cinematic universe started before 7 years with Iron man. After getting thrashed comments from fan boys for casting Robert Downey Junior on May 2 , 2008 when Iron man came upon screen everyone forgot about their complains and this movie laid the foundation of marvel cinematic universe.

With lots and lots of money and tremendous positive response iron man became an A grade superhero or in other manner his popularity crossed the sky limits. RJD became the cover boy for marvel and the whole marvel went upon the roller coaster ride towards a comic universe where he was going to give life to his comic pages into live action movies.

After they introduce our green beast Hulk in the incredible hulk. Despite mixed to good reviews and praiseworthy performance of Edward Norton Marvel decided to ignore this version of hulk.

Before trying anything new marvel came to his already victorious territory or in other words tried to save his reputation - IRON MAN 2 . With huge expectations when Iron man hit the screen everyone knew the hollowness of script section which marvel trying to hide with "not so needed" humour which became marvel's identity after a while and also good move in time of crisis. Again RJD nailed the role of Tony stark now people don't even know about the real face of Tony from comics and animated movies.

The villain they introduced "whiplash" before movie seemed promising but when he came on screen, that's a total disaster. Well they got sexiest women alive at that time to increase the moolah factor and minted up some more dollars by introducing Scarlet Johansson as Black widow.

(Now introduced a new debate over feminism in comics)

Till Iron man 2 marvel discover the potential of Jon favreau and RJD but brutally misused the potential of actors like - Edward Norton , Sam rockwell and Mickey rourke .

Marvel roped in Kenneth branagh,this director has several past experiences with fantasy so he's perfect to direct Thor. From his past decisions marvel took lessons not to cast an Established actor for Lead because he would come with a baggage. Chris successfully quenched the thirst of marvel fan boys. Blonde hair Greek god body everything was fine but the real achievement here was Loki- the real winner of Thor.

First time an actor's portrayal so strong who made Loki - A villain more popular than his Lead. This happens first time in Marvel when a villain is fully developed.

Thor killed the Destroyer with a hammer slam still people ask how superman can kill Zod By breaking neck and the extreme waste of wonderful 3 warriors and Sif.

(If a movie is good doesn't mean everything was fine Even in iron man Jeff Bridges don't get the chance which he deserves because movie was totally focused upon Tony)

Nick fury in the post credit scenes kept on pampering the imaginations and enthusiasm of marvel lovers but he also need a captain for his team.

Marvel roped in Joe Johnston who never ever made a single logical movie in his career and even after Captain america. Well once again Marvel created a nice villain as Red skull and again not so popular Mr. Evans get another chance from marvel, this time he nailed it and took some burden from RJD's shoulder for carrying marvel with his second outing The winter solider.

The Avenger

But before the winter solider marvel trembled the whole Box office with the biggest comic movie ever made- The Avengers. Iron man , Captain , Thor , Black widow , Nick fury and A new Hulk.

Some points that i would like to mentioned as the master stroke of marvel like They introduced hulk without introducing him before and they used an Established villain instead a New threat .

Point to be noted here - They took a well established villain and let him rolled the dice for causing problems. People can easily connected with the motives and provide a better space for showing emotions of team bounding which they saved from introducing villain. I think that's the only way to make avenger that introduce the behaviour and swag of villain before the movie which provide extra space for Hulk's myhto's before final battle and Phil coulson's saga. Well i don't need to provide details for the movie's Box office records .
Phase 2

Marvel roped in Shane black for Iron man. He introduced the biggest villain of iron man - Mandrin . They caste sir Ben Kingsley for this and this was like dream come true for the fans. But people don't like the twist and movie was acclaimed by critics but panned by fan boys. Marvel tried to explain the twist in "All hail the king ". People took this as a disaster.

Once again Marvel misfired with The dark world and their's is nothing to talk about here accept Thor-Loki worked together. Once again they wasted a Nice villain Malekith .

Now the biggest achievement for marvel came upon screen-

The winter solider

(my favourite from mccu) first time marvel roped in Russo brother and they choose not so marvel path. Little bit darker tone than other movies and serious where the lead struggling with the changing world and also with the changing manner of war/cold wars. This was more tending towards the DC's way of movie making. No useless humour even light scenes felt heavy when captain trying to catch up the time by writing points while Talking with Falcon. (brilliant scene)

(now please don't say its lighter than Batman because batman is darkest among all comic universe but it is still dark as per captain america's Norms)

Marvel hit the jackpot with full fun movie and all credits goes to James Gunn for Guardians of Galaxy. Here they intelligently connected the Infinity stones and introduced so many new characters specially collector.

A whole new pathway without any kind of origin or where they came or what they did to directly into action as a Team is the real noticeable point of Guardians.

After that Avenger Age of ultron - What marvel tried is quite fresh in fan boys mind.

so final verdict for marvel

good movies - 3
( Winter solider IMDB 8.0 , GoTG IMDB 8.1 , Avengers IMDB 8.2)

Fine movies - 5 ( CA First Avenger - 6.8 , Thor - 7.0 , Iron man 3 - 7.3 , Iron man 1- 7.9 , Avengers age of ultron)

Deep shit - 2 ( Thor 2 , Iron Man 2)

No doubt marvel is building his universe quite wonderfully even I'm quite satisfied with their propaganda but as per the analysis they are not that awesome which we are considering them.

POINT TO BE NOTED - The most praiseworthy work marvel ever done is Daredevil series and there is no marvel humour but dark Gritty for which people are criticising DC .

What DC is trying with their cinematic universe

Question of millions- what DC trying to prove by introducing so many characters in a single movie without introducing them in solo's even without providing a complete introduction to DC trinity Supes, WW , Bats.

DC started their cinematic universe with Man of steel which met with mixed to good reviews from critics But seriously got panned for his grounded script and the direction of Zack synder .

Fan boys parted into halves some supported this version of Man of steel but some totally disagree with that and started comparing with how Marvel dealt with Iron man.

In the movie Zod came with a motive to destroy earth so that he can start a New Krypton over there and he's equally Imposing as superman . So when he started fighting between the city people said its senseless.

I think based upon powers similarities its better of finish him there than to take him away from Metropolis because its quite impossible .

Also how can someone Zod just by Cracking his neck - If a person knows a little bit about Darwinism and How the density of bone is decided in an species then that person will never raise any question above cracking neck. Actually its the best way while having fight with same species because of the ratio of force exerted by your arm bone to your neck which is generally equivalent in same species.

Synder tried to -:

1. love me or hate me kind of relation between superman and public which parted them into Two. He wanted a superman who doesn't know what he can do his destiny is not to pull out buses or save ships or is there some people as powerful as he is.

How his power going to effect the society and if some one trying to do something good is always the final result is appreciable .

But people always seen matured version who has their ethics on place but once in a life superman wondered how to use his powers - If the answer is yes then you won't having any kind of problem if no then you are the one who believes Tony Stark knows robotic even before he was born.(well its quite assumable that their's a need of personification while deciding or talking about comics so please don't say they are not humans)

2. Fear between people -what superman can do if something goes wrong with superman. The kind of power he's having or is he a helper or just trying to save himself and if he's a helper then till when

.3. A Lack of confidence inside superman which stops him being a god because he's one way or another responsible for the Destruction and that's the thing which make him imperfect for now. This guilt may led him in some other direction.

May be its the Story before superman became superman because till now He's just a man with super power or MAN OF STEEL

4. Some philosophical edges like -Is the result of going good is always good , Does people accepting superman because he's powerful or he saved him from Zod and If he saved him from Zod then who'll stops him Now because yes he's immature while fighting with Zod and this may happen again.

Don't you think its a perfect plot for kind of power obsessed genius who wants to rule the world with his knowledge suddenly become an Enemy with superman. An Old vigilante (Batman) to come and tell people that superman is not someone they should worship or even give them hope that their's some one who can stop superman when needed.

The invasion of Zod changes the whole equation of many worlds which were living together without showing their presence likeAQUAMAN. This also push human to Built something which can fight for them instead totally depending upon this alein hero which may Led the rise of CYBORG.

Even wonder women came here because of some big threat coming towards her planet.She came here to take help from superman because someone sucking the life from the planets ( maybe braniac for justice league 1 ). But when she came here she find their's a need to help batman.

So Why that kind of destruction in the form of Zod's invasion took place in man of steel is clear.

Suicide Squad

See people have to understand a thing that superhero movies run upon super hero's adventures but first time we are getting where villains are going to sing their saga.

Questions is how this is going help DC towards a better universe ?

Think for a while what if DC introduce flash then movie doesn't get the response they wanted. Its quite risky to introduce a hero Directly instead they are going to introduce him with a well known villain.

This will reduce the chances of movie's failure if not sure shot guaranteed blockbuster.

Imagine If captain boomrang Got the praise he deserves and no doubt Jai Courtney (which is bigger star than Ezra miller and also one of most demanded young stars) will leave no stone unturned for his role of a life time moment. And in worst to worst situation If Jai Courtney any how goes wrong then they got

Mirror Master , Reverse Flash , Grood , Captain cold

. Just cast someone like Adrien Broody or Gerard Butler or any star , you'll have an undeniably awesome performance and a Huge hit.

Similar situation with Deadshot , Imagine Every time Deadshot came to ruin the chances of batman either for chase or for a part in a plan In the same manner DC is using Batman for introducing him in Dawn of justice and then in SUicide squad. This will provide them more security to play upon villains then playing upon heroes and this increase the characters without consuming much time.

Example- If joker messed up some how then they can Easily erased him from this universe either by introducing Penguin or Riddler .

Also pre defined villain will provide them enough opportunity of directly use the villains and provide those extra time to other character development as same happen in Avengers . ( here please don't say DC are following marvel it's just a plus point)

After Iron man it was like marvel cinematic universe is doomed or at least even marvel wasn't sure about the success before avenger and if we look above their performance its above average quite sure.

And dear friends believe me Zack synder is better than almost every director marvel hired or even David Ayer is better than everyone. Joss whedon is great after avengers even Jon fevreau was nothing before iron man.

DC is walking upon a secure path where the Bad portrayals of one or Two Characters Doesn't going to Effect the universe and from my point of view DC is doing what's right in this situation. Comic movies are now at the threshold point and this Saturation going to be 6-7 years more long so as per time its the right move.

Please i'm not saying Zack is best director or Dc going to blow all the records out there but seriously Deadshot's looking kickass , first time we get a batman which looks like batman from our dreams, Harley is looking cheap slutty whory because she meant to be like that only or DC is dark because they don't like crack jokes when everyone out there is dying their's sarcasm and ironic talks which is also a kind of humour ( black comedy ) .

Last thing people - comics books super hero movies are the part of our escapism to take sometime from so serious world, to a place where people are flying and fighting ( for boys ) or fairy tales ( for girls).

Main difference which need to understand - :

Marvel fully entertaining those pleasure of escapism by letting them taking dangers so lightly and in humour or enjoying every bit of moment where they know who they are superheroes and letting people decide the factor of their coolness with their attitude which is quite awesome.

On the other hands DC is already giving you super hero stuff but they introduce grounded mannerism where your escapism lost because you feel connected. DC shows their hero have power but they are also having same tarnished souls like many common people which they don't show or hide behind their powers or masks in the same way general people does. Maybe that's the reason Joker is first choice generally because somewhere his mentality seems alluring to this world in which we are living. DC's heroes can fight with Gods but still incomplete in their real life issues. That's why Dc is darker and more mature than Marvel.

In the end i love to right what i think about any upcoming movie - so my quick speculation regarding Dawn of justice.

Events of Mos going to part the people superman lovers and superman haters. The haters may provide the guilt which needed.

Govt have a genius wonder boy Lex luthor which provide its views how he hate an alien becoming god between them and some how pressurise the govt to ask superman to help him to find the way to let him control.

Some people are against this even Bruce Wayne . One day bruce in his cave got some info. related with one more alien hero who's wonder women. Batsy followed her and found she's trying to stop something related with lex corp.

He followed then both fight and then batsy found wonder women in his ball party (as pic suggest)

wonder women told him lex is doing something really horrible with someone who destructed other planets ( baraniac ) because braniac promised something to lex and the consequences will be horrible even the destruction of whole earth.

Bruce once again become batman while fighting with his past also and tried to spy upon lex work (with his gadgets car bike whatever) which led several chase between bruce and supes . One day bruce got Lex is doing some secret experiment upon superman also . Batman again tried to stop superman for supporting lex with the help of wonder women.

But failed now batman came upon ground to stop superman because he's the only one who's aware from agenda of lex. Superman asked batsy to surrender but he refused instead attacked upon superman .

Batman have the knowledge about superman's issues like red sun or krypton's dust or kryptonite so he can use any method he want like effect the sun which is the source of power for superman and increase the impact of red waves in fight zone then sprinkle some dust n all to make him bleed (better use all three) . Now whole world knows the issues of superman . ( he learned that after Zod invasion)

Batman hold him n tell

" I know you are good but did you remember last time when you tried to help so this time listen someone who knows all this long before you started wearing ********"
( something like this in a more dramatic manner )

supes respect bastsy and heard batsy .

Superman found some traces that lex trying to make an species by using the powerful DNA's from all over the world like AQUAMEN, FLASH , SUPERMAN ( with the help of some technology he got from branaic after ZOD's attack ) and so on but before it completes trinity attacked and Lex unleashed DARKSIED .................. final fight trinity wins either by sending him in space or any kind of prison.

Wonder women told superman and batman that she came here because one of his satellite planet destroyed by Braniac. The Zod invasion changed many pre established universal equations ( otheriwse how's that possible suddenly universal level villains are coming after supes on earth) which led Braniac towards earth . He used lex for the destruction before his arrival but be ready be united and also unite others you know whom .

Now before justice league WW solo can show how wonder women saved her planet or so from some other agent of destruction by Braniac .

Please tell your reviews about my speculation and my theory about DC's working model .


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