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Baldwin Collins

Grace Jones Singer/Actress/Model, Was born in Spanish town, Jamaica. She played Max zorin's (Christopher Walken) Head body Guard/HenchWoman Mayday in bond film, 'A view to A Kill' (1985) alongside sir roger Moore's last appearance as James bond 007. The may day character is no ordinary bond Villian Henchwoman, she possesses superhuman like Strength, She displays it in three great scenes from the film. scene ( 1 ) At the Ascot race track, mayday control's an out of control race horse named 'Pegasus' for max Zorin, scene ( 2) 'After Assassinating James bond's contact She makes her spectacular Escape by Skydiving from the world's famous Eiffel tower. Scene ( 3 ) She show's her unusual super strength by Lifting up one of General Gogol's KGB agents High over her head, and suddenly dropping him, as a sign of dominance.

However grace jones has many other films and t v movies to her credits 'wolf Girl' ( t v movie 2001 ) 'Shaka Zulu ' ( t v movie ) 'Conan the Destroyer' (1984 ) 'Vamp' (1986) Gordon's war' (1973) 'Boomerang' (1992) 'Cyber Bandits ' (1995) and many more.


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