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Some things are so incredible there really is no reason to explain why. A beautiful sunset. A pair of butterflies fluttering in the wind. And the Joker and Deadpool teaming up to crack jokes...before fighting to the death. Really what more can you ask for out of life? Well our latest dream come true is brought to reality courtesy of Bat in the Sun. The awesome crew that brought us one of the most epic fights of all time with Batman versus Darth Vader.

This time next year we will have already seen the Deadpool movie and will be close to seeing Joker and Harley Quinn's in full live-action in Suicide Squad. Particularly in the case of Deadpool and Harley Quinn, the public will be introduced to a new brand of anti-hero, who are brash, comedic, and lethal. Fortunately, Suicide Squad looks like it will be hard-hitting and Deadpool will be a hard R-rated film, meaning that we should get some of the visceral violence the characters are known for. If not, we still have this awesome episode of Super Power Beat Downs!

We won't know until next year who will win the title of the most popular on-screen psychopath of 2016, but this fight is an awesome preview.


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