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Holding off the competition for its 4th week in a row is "Jurassic World" earning another 30.9 million and now over 550 mil domestic. Still on track to break 600 mil but uncertain how far it will go past that with more Summer films continuing to open. Disney's "Inside Out" also holds strong at #2 with another 30.1 mil, so close to the #1 spot. New at #3 is "Terminator Genisys" with a mild debut of 28.7 mil which is below expectations, I guess since the last film it has soured the followers a bit. Dancing into #4 is "Magic Mike XXL" with 12 mil and also below expectation but some of this could all be due with 4th of July being on a Saturday and everyone is out enjoying the night sky shows instead. Rounding off the top 5 is "Ted 2" with 11 mil extra and quickly coming to a crawl.

New movies next week:
Three wide releases this week and Universal Studios should knock out it's own film for the #1 spot. Up first is "Minions" with 3000+ screens and expected to open close to 100 mil. Many have it over 100 but hard to say it will get that with a lower average ticket price with kids and a non-holiday weekend. Up next is "Self/Less" with very little exposure and may open in the mid-teens. Rounding off the coming week is the suspense horror film "The Gallows" with about 2200 screens and could open in the high teens if its lucky.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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