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The Fast and the Furious franchise has been left us speechless from the begging. It's latest movie, Furious 7, has done exactly that with its tribute to the one and only Paul Walker. And being me, I've never known Paul Walker, yet, I feel like I've known him since the first movie. The 7th movie is basically bringing all of the movies together into one big goodbye. Paul Walker is a great person because of his selfless acts no one knew about till after his death. Whether it being, helping the people of Chile and Haiti after the earthquake, or, help form REACT (Rapid Emergency Assistance Care Team), to go help people and places affected by natural disaster. So people can go around and make fun of him, but reality is, making fun of someone who isn't even here right now and they did great things in the world, you're the real joke. So, I'd like us to all to take a moment and just honor this amazing person.

Rest In Peace

Paul Walker

September 12th, 1973- November 30th, 2013


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