ByJorge Jaramillo, writer at

Something that has always fascinated me is finding humor and love in the darkest, creepiest, most dramatic places.

"Elena" was the first story I wrote back when I was a teenager. I’d watched this TV documentary about the true story of Doctor Carl Tanzler. For years, the guy lived with the corpse of a young woman who was his patient, Elena Milagros. While the act itself was totally horrifying, I became intrigued by this lonely, old man' underlying sweetness, tragedy, and romance. So I started thinking about it, and I thought more about, and then I thought so much about it that I developed a personal taste for stories like Dr. Tanzler’s.

Originally written to be a live action short, “Elena” was unfortunately too difficult to shoot. Years went by, and I started writing other projects; but "Elena" was always the one, lovely, short story I really wanted to make. Its twisted yet deeply human nature really stuck with me.

So I finally moved from cloudy Bogotà to sunny Los Angeles, to try to pursue my dreams as a filmmaker. Unexpectedly, I ended up getting really into comic books and graphic novels, which are an amazingly creative mediums pretty close to filmmaking, but they tell stories mainstream movies and television don’t. So I thought to myself: "it could be fun to explore these art forms. And what better story to do it than with my beloved and never-forgotten 'Elena'?"

Today Elena is beeing serialized by Line Webtoon to shown it to all of you out there. Hopefully I’ve intrigued some of you guys. In the meantime, the journey continues, I really hope to get the chance to share more bizarre, romantic, and gloomy dramas centered on odd occurrences with you.



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