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Some of the greatest action sequences in superhero movies are ones where our heroes are taking out the bad guy or fighting a supposed friend. Here are 5 of my proposed match-ups I'd love to see played out.

Deadpool vs. Wolverine

This would be an extremely fun fight to watch. Wolverine, as depicted in the films, has his moments when he has fun and is light-hearted, but usually is a gruff and tough warrior. However, Deadpool is the opposite of Wolverine, a fun-loving and exuberant fighter. He enjoys what he does and has fun while doing it. Watching these two characters face off would be intense yet hilarious, as you see Wolverine become increasingly frustrated and angry with Deadpool and his one-liners. The fight was depicted in Origins, but not really due to another character being involved and Deadpool not being the character he really is during the fight sequence.

The Hulk vs. the Destroyer

Imagine the big green monster known as the Hulk going up against the big metal monster known as the Destroyer. Sure, the Hulk would be able to tear the Destroyer apart if given the chance. However, with strength and columns of fire being spouted from the grates in the face of the Destroyer, a supreme and epic fight surely would take place. Strength vs. Strength would be on display here and I would love to see the battle go down.

Green Lantern vs. A Sentinel

My first battle between a DC Character and a Marvel Character. How about a character that can create anything vs. a character that can adapt and change into anything. Surely this fight would be incredible. Green Lantern has the power to create anything with his mind but a Sentinel can adapt to any situation pretty much. The fight would be intense and CGI-heavy, but we would witness a power struggle between two equal foes.

Cyborg vs. Iron Man

Two men with tech gadgets. Two men that can use technology to their advantage. Two men that use weapons to fight. How awesome would this be? One man with a cannon for his arm and another that can shoot energy blasts out of his hands. This fight would be between two cocky men that have their technology do the fighting for them. It would be intense yet hilarious at the same time. A dream fight for any tech nerd, this could be a battle anyone would want to witness.

Deathstroke vs. Spider-Man

Deathstroke vs. Spider-Man. A young, cocky superhero vs. a licensed expert killer. Deathstroke is a villain that strikes fear into the heart of many superheroes with his expert skills and his experience in the field of killing. However, a young and new superhero like Spider-Man would not know or care to know what he would be up against, he would just see a villain, one that needed to be defeated. Conflicting personalities and abilities would be on display and we would be treated to an entertaining yet intense showdown.

That was my list, let me know what you think and what battles you would like to see in the comments.


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