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Hello again Moviepilot. It's been way too long since I've present any cinematic universe ideas. I've previously shared my ideas for a Spider-Man universe, and briefly started a Wolverine universe (shared with Spider-Man). I decided to bring my thoughts to DC's biggest property, Batman. Here I will be sharing all 6 phases to this universe. Without further ado, let's get to it.

Phase 1


The very first film in the franchise will NOT feature any major villains or an origin. It will be much like his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 which will be the primary source material. There would be hints to The Joker and the main villain, a normal man who is killing off old henchman and other citizens (like in the first Detective Comics #27) would die in the way Joker is born. We don't even really know Bruce Wayne is Batman until the very end. Essentially, we are introduced to all of Batman's gadgets, weapons, vehicles and The Batcave.

Batman: Origin

The second film is the only real prequel. We go back to the murder of Bruce's parents. The film details the training and reasoning behind Bruce Wayne's war on crime. It ends with Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, will be is sparring trainer. He develops his physical attributes, his Bruce Wayne persona, as well as his identity as Matches Malone. Kirgi and Henri Ducard are also trainers of his in this film. Wayne Manor, Wayne Enterprises, and Gotham City are also developed a bit in this film.


This spinoff/sequel takes place a few years after the first Batman movie. Robin details the origin of Dick Grayson. Jason Todd is also setup to become Robin in the future. Dick becomes Robin and teams with Batman to catch his parent's killer. At the end, we see the birth of Tim Drake in the Gotham General Hospital. Damian Wayne is an easter egg in this film, he appears later in the franchise.

Alfred Pennyworth: Decades of Service

This film is a spinoff/prequel in which we see the life of Alfred up until the point in which Bruce's parents are killed. This includes all of the decades of serving in the army and for the locals in Burma and all of the adventures hinted at by Michael Caine throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Justice League

Batman is introduced to Superman and Wonder Woman in a prior film (more on that when I go over the Superman portion of the franchise). However, Green Lantern meets Batman while being chased by the GCPD while chasing a minion of Darkseid. We later meet The Flash and Aquaman who join in the fighting. Martian Manhunter's origin happens in this film as well. The film is a mix of the New 52 and animated Justice League series' origins.

The Joker

The Joker's origins are not shown. This is more so a Joker horror film, but he also somewhat creates and/or showcases the other villains in the rouges gallery. Joker creates Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Black Mask, Killer Moth, and more. He showcases The Riddler, Scarecrow, Catwoman, The Penguin, and many more!

This concludes Phase 1.

Phase 2

Batman & Robin


This films showcases a new adventure with Dynamic Duo, as they meet The Joker and Catwoman for the first time. The Joker "dies" but he survives and escapes. The Joker is on a killing spree while Catwoman robs an entire yacht of rich people and escapes Batman & Robin, leaving Batman smitten.

Batman: World's Finest

Batman and Robin team up with Superman to take down an international cabal of criminals based in Gotham City, financed by Lex Luthor named Villains United. Amongst the members include Lady Shiva, Deadshot, Dollmaker, Black Spider, Catman, Calendar Man, Solomon Grundy, Cain, Calculator, Cavalier, Doctor Phosphorus, Firefly, Flamingo, Hugo Strange, Man-Bat, Mister Zsasz, Professor Pyg, Ventriloquist, Sensei, Scarlet, Maxie Zeus, Jervis Tech, & KGBeast, the Russian representative.

End of Phase 2

Phase 3

Batman: Planet X

Batman is battling The Riddler when the mysterious and troublesome imp, Bat-Mite teleports him to a place called Zur-En-Arrh. Here, Batman meets a counterpart version of him, named Tlano, and Batman realizes he has the powers of Superman on this strange planet. Batman battles threats on this planet. However, Tlano builds him a teleport beam to get home. Batman returns home after making Zur-En-Arrh a safe place.


This spinoff/sequel introduces us to Barbara Gordon who adventures as Batgirl and joins with Batman & Robin to defeat The Joker & his minion, Killer Moth. This is the last film of the franchise in which Dick Grayson is a young(ish) boy.

Batman: The Silver Age

The Joker recruits Poison Ivy, Clayface & Scarecrow to aid him in destroying Batman & Robin. This is the Silver Age of Gotham's criminal underworld (The Golden Age was when all of the villains first appeared).

End of Phase 3

Phase 4

Batman's Evolution

Robin moves out and moves on to college. Batman moves into his penthouse (for this movie only). Batman battles Black Mask as he starts murdering loose ends, including one Dr. Fielding, an ally of Bruce Wayne's. It results in Batman battling Black Mask and destroying his criminal empire.

Batman: Return of the Joker

The Joker returns from his capture at the end of The Silver Age. The Joker starts killing off old henchman and allies. The Joker kills Killer Moth. Batman captures him before the Joker can initiate The Bronze Age of Gotham's Underworld.

Batman: The Bronze Age

Batman launches into action as he must save Robin from Ra's Al Ghul, who kidnaps him to get to Batman. Ra's attempts to marry Bruce to his daughter, Talia. Batman refuses and escapes with Robin. They return to Gotham in time to prevent the Bronze Age as The Joker had predicted it. They battle Man-Bat and The Joker (who escapes and takes up the mantle of The Reaper). They are aided by an orphan who Batman met once named Jason Todd. Dick Grayson retires from being Robin after believing Batman to have been killed by The Reaper. However, Jason becomes Robin.


Dick becomes Nightwing and moves to Bludhaven and becomes a cop. Knighting battles Blockbuster and Deathstroke. However, in the end, Nightwing makes plans to return to Gotham. This doesn't happen until phase 6.

End of Phase 4

Phase 5

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is a stand-alone film that shows what COULD be a possible future for the franchise. Batman returns to active duty after ten years of retirement. Two-Face breaks free from prison and Batman (the only other superhero in existence besides Superman) defeats him. The Joker then escapes for one last showdown with the old Batman. The Joker snaps his neck after Batman refuses to kill him at the end of their gruesome finale. The POTUS (President of the United States) orders Superman to kill Batman. Batman wins the battle, but fakes a heart attack to avoid killing Superman. Batman officially retires but creates an "army" of Batmen called the Sons of Batman led by Carrie Kelly, the new Robin.

Batman: Year One

Year One fills in the gap between the end of Batman: Origin and the first Batman. It shows Batman fight the mob and end corruption in Gotham.

Batman: The Killing Joke

This film is the first film to take place after The Bronze Age. The Joker, angry with Batman for defeating his plans as The Reaper, marches to Commissioner Gordon's house and kidnaps him, only after shooting, torturing & paralyzing Batgirl. Batman, furious with The Joker, hunts him down and defeats him, after The Joker mentally tortures Gordon. The origins of the Joker are finally revealed in flashbacks. Batgirl becomes Oracle.

Batman: The Final Hour

Jason Todd goes off on his own to find his mother, but Batman advices against it while he's preoccupied with finding the escaped Joker. The Joker murders Jason & his mother before Batman can get there. Batman beats the Joker to a pulp before he stops and puts him in jail, knowing The Joker wants him to kill him.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman rushes to Arkham after hearing the Joker has taken over. Batman pushes through the asylum to find the Joker, who is using and manipulating Twi-Face as his weapon against Batman. Meanwhile, the history of Arkham is told through flashbacks. Two-Face spares Batman, who beats the Joker.

Batman: Knightfall

Bane is the newest villain in town with the singular goal of doing what none of the villains can do, break the Batman. He employs the villains Mad Hatter (Jarvis Tech), Amygalda, Poison Ivy, Firefly, Mr. Zsasz, & The Joker to run down Batman. Then Bane coerces the weak Batman and breaks his back. Batman is defeated. Tim Drake, the new Robin, teams with Azrael, who breaks Bane, to defend the city. Bruce Wayne returns by the end of the film.

Batman: No Man's Land

The United States declare Gotham a no man's land and out of US jurisdiction after an earthquake destroys the city. The Penguin, Two-Face, Killer Croc, Scarface, Poison Ivy & Black Mask start their own gangs and wage war over control of Gotham. Batman, Robin, Nightwing & the new Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, defend the city and defeat each gang. The real challenge is The Joker who murders Gordon's wife. Batman defeats the Joker. Lex Luthor & Bruce Wayne fund the rebuilding of Gotham and get in back in US custody.

End of Phase 5

Phase 6

Batman: Hush

Batman calls in all his allies as a new threat from his past, Hush, arrives in Gotham. Hush & The Riddler devise a plot to destroy Batman once and for all. Hush employs the villains Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, & even The Joker to help him. Superman even fell to Ivy's control for Batman to face. Hush eventually fails.

Batman: Infinite Crisis

Batman crosses over with the rest of the universe as he has to battle Alexander Luthor and the Brother Eye satellite. Joker kills Alexander Luthor in the end.

Batman & Superman

The two heroes team up to battle The Joker and Lex Luthor, similar to The Batman Superman Movie from 1997.

Batman: Face The Face

This is the only film in the franchise that delves deeply into the mind of Harvey Dent. Freshly rehabilitated and back to normal, Harvey's Two-Face persona still is there and emerges as he murders the villains, KGBeast, Orca, The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker), & Magpie. Batman stops him, only after Harvey turns himself back into Two-Face.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

Jason Todd is resurrected in a strange cosmic fluke from the infinite crisis, who is fully restored through the Lazarus Pit. Adopting the persona of the Red Hood, Jason destroys the Black Mask and nearly kills The Joker before being stopped by Batman and Nightwing, who is now back in Gotham after the events of No Man's Land. Batman lets Jason go, who keeps adventuring as The Red Hood.

Batman & Son

Batman meets Damien Wayne, his son with Talia Al Ghul, from The Brone Age. He trains Damien to become the next Robin, as he believes Tim will be retiring soon.

Batman: Final Crisis

Batman and allies face Darkseid again as he attempts to destroy Earth. Batman dies killing Darkseid.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl

Jason Todd becomes the new Batman, but is very violent and cruel in his methods. Tim Drake retires from Robin to become Batman and battles Jason, resulting his near death. Tim recovers and becomes Red Robin. Dick finally agrees to leave Nightwing behind and becomes Batman, defeating Jason and taking over. Jason returns to his Red Hood persona and leaves Gotham.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

We find out that Bruce wasn't killed just ejected back in time. The film follows Bruce's journey trough time until he returns to the present.

Batman: The Court of Owls

Bruce Wayne takes back the mantle of Batman after the universe is somewhat "reset" after the events of Superman: Flashpoint (More on that in another article). Damien Wayne is Robin, Time Drake is Red Robin, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Barabra Gordon is Batgirl (rehabilitated) & Jason Todd is somewhere in the world as the Red Hood. Batman takes on a secret cabal thats been running Gotham called the Court of Owls. These assassins are led by Talon. The Court is destroyed, but Talon remains to torture Batman in the future.

End of official Phase 6

The universe then shifts to give us 6 new movies set in alternate realities. These 6 films are:

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

- Bruce Wayne in 1889

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain

- Batman is a vampire against Dracula

Batman Beyond

- Terry McGinnis takes over while being mentored by Bruce Wayne in Neo-Gotham

Batman: Year 100

- 100 years after the first sightings of Batman, a new Batman appears in 2039

All-Star Batman

- Batman is reckless, profane & violent. He battles the Joker & Justice League.

Batman: Kingdom Come

- Batman leads an army to protect Earth from Superman's army against the New Extremist Heroes.

That's the end of my Batman franchise. I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow me for more articles and like this and much more!


Which phase was your favorite?


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