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This summer, on July 24th, the world will discover the tale about 6 female athletic actresses who get cast for being "superheroes" for a wrestling event. After tough training and drama in the gym, the newly anointed wrestlers board the bus to their first fight in Las Vegas. The bus gets stuck in the middle of nowhere, and the girls end up in a Ghost Town together. As unforeseen and mysterious circumstances unfold, they discover the truth behind the Ghost Town, and learn about each other.

A full-length feature thriller made by two German female Filmmakers, Carolin Von Petzholdt and Ursel Walldorf, in Hollywood.

"Indie Filmmakers Often Get Stiffed by Distributors. These are the worst of times for independent filmmakers. With new forms of distribution, digital and otherwise, there are now more outlets for work than ever before. Getting paid, however, is another matter. I know that Half of my filmmaker friends having entered into a 'bad' distribution deal," said Carolin Von Petzholdt

"Seven Years ago I made my Feature Feature Film (Testing Life). It won 8 awards. It got signed by a small distributor, to this day I have never seen a penny," said Carolin Von Petzholdt the writer and Director from The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling. "It's called to SACRIFICE compensation or to get the film released, we never see any profit at the end." said Carolin Von Petzholdt

The savvy Filmmakers are using Kickstarter to Self Distribution the film.

The Campaign runs until July 19, 2015.

To learn more about "The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling," visit their homepage





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