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There are two things that I love the most: superheroes and writing. And it's great whenever I do something that involves both.
Wyatt Smith

Yesterday, as I was watching the new TV spot for Ant-Man, I seen something both out of the ordinary and awesome! It gave us a brand new look at Falcon! The rumors are true and he's in Ant-Man after all. This is so cool!


What is he doing there? Is he recruiting Scott for a spot on the team? Or is he just helping fight Yellowjacket? Could anyone else pop up? Such as, maybe Captain America? We last seen Falcon in Avengers: Age of Ultron in this same suit at the end as a part of the New Avengers team. Will this lead into Captain America: Civil War? Let's hope so.

Ant-Man comes out July 17, 2015. Make sure to like, comment, share, and follow! Thanks for reading!


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