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I know a lot of people hate this show and largely prefer the original. I also agree that it is not as good. However, I somewhat enjoy some episodes and others I just found generally okay. It din't try to be the original show, and well I can't see the original character in some of these situations. This show like other "meh" shows have their redeemable qualities, so here they are.

1. The Background References and Gags.

How many can you spot in this picture alone? Every time I watch an episode of this show, I have to keep pausing it to study the backgrounds and see what clever nods to other DC Comic characters (And modern comic book culture) the creators have put in. My favorite instances of this are the Mad Mod chase (Referencing the original two and 1960's British pop culture ) in Salty Codgers and the Reference to The Mask of the Phantasm in The Mask.

from Sidekick
from Sidekick

2. The Sleekness of Some of the Animation.

Hear me out on this one. There are some scenes where the animation is quite fluid and enjoyable to look at. They are also willing to try out various animation styles. For example previously mentioned Mad Mod chase scene and this one with Mumbo's only appearance on this show to date from the episode Real Magic. Then another clip from the episode Campfire Stories. The first animation is well timed and it captures the craziness that is Mumbo. If only all the Titans but Raven weren't so idiotic, but we'll get to that later.

3. The Fight Scenes.

The fight scenes are pretty good and have some pretty creative foes to battle the titans. For example they have to fight characters from books they imagined in this clip from Books.

4. The Return of Most of the Original Cast

The majority of the original cast did return for this show including Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Khary Payton, Hynden Walch, Greg Cripes, Lauren Tom. The majority guest villain cast also returned including Tom Kenny and Alexander Polinsky. Some did not return like the voice actors of Mad Mod and Slade; Malcolm McDowell and Ron Perlman. Frankly, I can't say I blame them.

5. The Show Doesn't Try To Be The Original

Frankly I'm glad It's not trying to be the original show, because It's a hard show to live up to. I'm glad it tries to be it's own thing, even though sometimes it just fails at what it is doing. was so. It tries to be it's thing and it deserves to be. Even if the the titans all become total rockheads, but I digress.

That was my 5 Good Things About Teen Titans Go! If you agree or disagree with what I have said, state your opinions below.


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