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Comet is a film directed by Sam Esmail, starring Emmy Rossum as Kimberly and Justin Long as Dell.

This film takes us through a six-year relationship between Kimberly and Dell. They met unexpectedly under a meteor shower in LA, where Dell couldn’t get his eyes off Kimberly (experiencing love at first sight), even though she was actually on a first date with another guy. Together, the two embark on a journey of affairs throughout these six years and we get to see them at different stages of their relationship.

The film has a Cloud Atlas-esque style to it when the film focuses on the two character's journey, allowing us to see their past till present. Comet also has a sci-fi style and look when, for example, the room starts shaking and the sky starts changing into different colours. I see this as a way of changing to different times within the film, which is a clever way of making your audience aware of a shift in time within the film. This is used to show different times within their relationship and the stages of whether they are together or separated. At time, they even meet by chance within these different stages.

It is clear that they are in love each time they meet, making Comet a beautiful story between two characters that is magical and uplifting.

I personally love Dell’s character, a witty, clever and honest young man who shows his nerdy side as his way to getting female attention, despite being very nervous. Kimberley is more confidant and always chooses the handsome men who never turn out to be the way she wants them to be. I guess she sees Dell as a refreshing change bringing a long new relationship she never expected, as well as Dell literally saying we will fall in love together.

I highly recommend this lovely romantic-drama with a touch of comedy. It’s a very laid back film made interesting as we see what goes on in a relationship between two individuals, as well as the love they have for each other. The characters indulge in waves of philosophical dialogue, making Comet a must see!


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