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Well, guys, this article all started out as an idea that I actually want to spread. And, hopefully, you guys would probably think that this would be one of the most interesting articles ever committed to Moviepilot. It's all about an idea for an awesome FAN BAAAAAAAAAATTLE! (Awesome Dragon Ball Z-style rock tune plays in the background)

I had to get you guys revved up on that one! Now, this all started out on July 1 of this year as a post on a Facebook group I joined called "Marvel & DC Fans Unite", where fans of Marvel Comics and DC Comics gather together and start discussions, talk about fan battles, and other awesome ideas. The post, no matter how cheesy it may sound, goes like this (AWESOMENESS ALERT!):

Fear from Pixar's "Inside Out" vs. Thor

-A battle of skill (not to the death)
-Fear has awesome lightning powers!

-Thor has Mjolnir

-Battle in London
Thor: The Dark World is awesome!
Thor: The Dark World is awesome!

I know what you guys are thinking; you may be like "what the heck was that?!?", or "why do you think such things about Marvel Comics characters?". Well, Inside Out was a Pixar film released a month ago that I was rather interested in because Pixar made it in an attempt to recover from the losses that was brought on by the cancellation of Newt, a Pixar project that I was very, very interested in at the point. Even my very first Moviepilot article (wrote back in June 2014) was about the abandoned project. However, I wasn't able to see Inside Out in theaters because my brother wasn't interested in seeing it. However, I saw many promos, trailers, and TV spots for the movie, and they all looked awesome. What's even more cool was there was a character from the movie that interested me the most, and that was Fear. Fear may be a scrawny little emotion, but he looks like he can kick major Asgardian booty! Second, my all-time favorite movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Thor: The Dark World, and Thor is my all-time favorite Avenger. The movie had awesome battles, a fantastic script, and some of the best acting and CGI that I had ever seen in any Marvel Comics movie. It should be noted that it is obvious that both Pixar and Marvel are owned by the Walt Disney Company, so that is why I decided to go on with that fantastic fan battle idea. However, Fear doesn't actually have special lightning powers, but I just thought it would be cool to give Fear those kinds of powers.

Here's a response that I got on that Facebook post:

Cruz Flores:

Lol. Hate to say it, but "battle of skill"? Rationally speaking, it would have to be Fear. Seeing as it's not to the death, Thor wouldn't use Mjolnir for nothing; more for flight and control over lightning, which should theoretically just power up Fear's power as it did to Iron Man's suit. So, the more Thor shows off his power of controlling lightning, the stronger he makes Fear's power.

NOTE: There were some more comments on that post, but they were not relevant to the discussion. However, I should give praise to another of the commentators, Chris Irizarry, who was the only one to like my post, and one who has the coolest profile picture I'd ever seen, looking like a young actor with a suit-and-tie and sunglasses. You look awesome, Chris! Keep up the good work!

I would have to agree with Cruz Flores on that one; Fear may be a weak little guy, but if he gets super-cool-awesomely-amazing lightning powers, he would definitely beat Thor. The reason why that this battle is not a death battle is because it wouldn't look right, because I wouldn't want a Pixar character to die! That would look SOOOOOOOOOO tragic! The reason why I chose this battle's location to be in London is because that is one of the main settings in Thor: The Dark World.

Here's how the battle would start:

Fear, and all of the other emotions from Inside Out, begin to achieve physical forms after Riley becomes adapted to some newer emotions. However, Fear accidentally gets teleported to London, where he sees a portal carrying Thor from Asgard to Earth. Thor thinks that Fear is a mutant form of Frost Giant, so Fear somehow acquires lightning powers, causing Fear himself to feel revved up with the urge of fighting in an epic battle. Thor tries to hit Fear with Mjolnir, but he misses and Fear strikes lightning out of his palms. The lightning hits Thor, and Thor and Fear both engage in an energy clash of lightning. Thor hits Fear, but the lightning gradually makes Fear more powerful, and ultimately defeats Thor with a knock-out punch! After Fear wins, Thor celebrates his victory by helping him become a warrior of Asgard.

Awesome battle, am I right?

Some of you might go ahead and think, "But why does Fear have to win if Thor is stronger than he is?". Well, guys, have you heard of the phrase "slow and steady wins the race?" Well, in my opinion, when it comes to a battle between Pixar characters and Marvel characters, there's a similar situation. I'm not sure how I'm going to go into detail about what I just said, unfortunately.

Why did Fear win in this battle? 'Cause Fear said so! That's why! BUT, Thor is still an awesome Avenger!



Who would win?


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