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I love DC, and I really like Marvel, but I grew up with DC and I kind of got into comics via the DC movie and TV that I watched, so it just
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So, we all love Superhero films (unless you are a very strange person who has something very wrong with you), and they are amazing to watch, but they all have those scenes where you just watch in awe, and get your mind blown; the scenes that even a month after you having stepped out of the movie, you remember that moment.

6. Quicksliver's Second - X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Something about the music, something about the way that his personality is put into the way that he takes out the guards, the fact that he kind forgets that the bullets are flying towards Charles, Eric and Logan, this is really the best moment of what is a really good film, the cherry on the icing if you will.

Also, considering the fact that this scene was put in at the last moment because of the announcement that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were going to be in Age of Ultron, this was a pretty good scene to say "Fuck you, from Fox", seen as though the scene is basically better than anything Quicksilver does in Age of Ultron.

5. Nick Fury's Debut - Iron Man (2008)

The first, and most likely one of the best Marvel after-credits scenes in all of the MCU, this moment is one that all geeks and nerds remember. The ending to the film gave us Tony Stark telling the world that he is Iron Man, letting the world know that they are protected, but it turns out, that not everyone is too happy.

We all know that it was Samuel L. Jackson just from the voice, but that reveal of him as Nick Fury (Jr.), even if it was leaked on the internet that he was in the film, was still one of the best and most iconic moments in superhero history.

4. Batman vs Bane - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

One of the most commercially successful Superhero films ever made (beaten by two Avengers films and Iron Man 3), and although it was not as good as it's predecessor, The Dark Knight, this film was great. Despite some major plot holes the film packed a punch, the kind that can be watched, and felt in this film.

The way that Bane knows that he can beat Batman, the way Bane lets Batman hot hit him over and over, the lack of music during the scene giving you the sense of dread, and making you hear ever punch in that it thrown. Nolan tried to stay away from letting the comics rule over his film, departing from them at times, but in this scene, we see a nice recreation of the scene from Knightfall, where Bane Brakes Batman's back.

3. Captain America's Escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

From the now renowned elevator fight scene, to the amazing score, this scene is not just one of my favorite superhero movie scenes of all time, it's one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. The way that Cap. can still beat the rest of the guys to a pulp with one strapped to the wall is impressive; and when Rumlo say, "Just so you know Cap, this isn't PERSONAL!" you can hear in his voice that beating Captain America is all he's ever dreamed of.

The jump from the elevator and the music that goes with it, tell me that you don't get shivers when you see that Cap do that, if you say you don't the you are lying. Plus the way that he takes down the jet, just make it all the more awesome, the best scene in the best MCU movie.

2. Drive Through Cafe - Spider-Man 2 (2004)

From what many consider to be the best superhero film of all time, the now classic moment where the Peter Park is breaking up with Mary Jane Watson (again) and is living a normal life because of the loss of his super-powers. But only to have his power thrust back upon him in just the knick-of-time and save Mary Jane (again, kinda).

The beautiful sound of the spidy-sense, the way that you can almost feel what it is like to have his spidy-sense, the background sounds and the way that he sees everything. Then the jump just in time to save Mary Jane from a car that smashes through the cafe window with what might be the most powerful sound effect in all of superhero films.

1. Batman Interrogates The Joker - The Dark Knight (2008)

This scene, where to begin? No special effects, no slow-mo, no funny moments, this scene is the most notorious scene on this list, because of how it escalates out of control so quickly, with Batman slowly beating Joker, to Joker talking, to it almost suddenly turning to a full on beating of Joker.

Everything about the scene feels so real, which only back-up the rumors that Heath Ledger actually asked Christian Bale to make the punches real, to make the scene standout in (what is in my personal opinion) the best superhero/ comic book film that has ever been made. This scene is the best scene in among other brilliant, and at time flawless scenes.

Honorable Mentions

Nightcrawler's White House Attack - X2: X-Men United (2003)

Another classic scene from another film a lot of people consider the best superhero movie ever.

Flipping Trucks - The Dark Knight (2008)

If you know about superhero films, or practical effects, you know about this amazing scene.

A Comedic End - Watchmen (2009)

The film film version of the classic graphic novel that a lot of fans despise (a personal love of mine), even though the film was hated by the fans, this opening scene is still liked by most hates of the film.

Comment what your favorite superhero movie scene is, and maybe win a reply from me.


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