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When Lucy was 14 her parents had abandoned her. They just left her at home one night for no reason When Lucy had realized that she had been abandoned for no reason she slowly started to lose her mind. She was also starving. She started eating the bugs that surrounded her cabin at night. Day after Day She slowly started losing her sanity. One night she left the cabin. Once she made it to the city it was already to late she had eaten the first person she saw. Then she found a costume store and killed everyone there with a police baton prop and stole one of the masks. Once she had finished devouring all of the corpses she went on to find her family. She wanted revenge for abandoning her. Once she found me I tried to help ease her mind back to sanity. I gave her food, shelter, and a bed. 2 weeks later it was raining cats and dogs outside I was in the living room and she came and laid down on the couch beside me. For the first time since she was abandoned she spoke. It was just a mutter but it was still a word. She muttered "NewDaddy" I am surprised I go "What?" she speaks a full phrase. "I want you to be my new daddy." She took off her mask and smiled. Her mouth was all bloody from eating the people. I say "Why is your mouth so bloody?" she says "I was hungry and I didn't know any better" So I say" Y-y-you....ate p-people?" she says "I didn't know any better" Then she hugs me and says again that she didn't know any better and started crying. I hug her back and say it-it's okay. She fell asleep with me that night. I wake up at about 2am and I notice she has her arm on my chest and she is sleeping beside me. She jumps up as if she had a nightmare. Before I get a chance to say anything she tells me everything. She says "12 weeks ago my parents abandoned me for no reason. Just out of the blue they up and left. I was alone for 6 weeks starving and afraid. I went insane and started eating the bugs because they took all the food!. I was forced to drink swamp water and eat live bugs and the animals that dwelled inside the swamp. I ran away 6 weeks later. I was in the city for 4 weeks all alone. and then I found you. I have been living with you for two weeks I was going to eat you but you actually spoke to me in a friendly manner. The other people were rude and mean and kicked at me and called me a freak. But you. You took me in when I needed it and for that I thank you. When you found me I was looking for my parents so that I could kill them but that was when I had lost my mind but now I have it back thanks to you. I don't want revenge anymore. I just want to live here. Where I am safe with you. Because I love you like I loved my dad." I am in complete shock when she says all this and then I respond with "Wow that's a tough deal and it explains why you were eating the people. You were eating them to survive. I understand. You can stay with me as long as you want."

I whisper "It's okay you're safe here now."


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