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Nicholas Cage, the ‘90s action star who brought us films such as “The Rock,” “Con Air,” and “Face/Off,” has starred in over 60 films (not all of them are good, but that’s to be expected). His recent role is the voiceover for the character Crug in the animated film The Croods (2013).

If you have ever wanted to know what Nicholas Cage may have looked like if he played such roles as Captain Jack Sparrow or even the kid in Home Alone then you are not alone. But your imagination and hopes can now be reality as I bring you my top 10 roles that Nicholas Cage should have played.

10. Nicolas Cage as Captain Jack Sparrow

As much as Johnny Depp was perfect for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow I just cannot help but think that Nicolas Cage would have made the film a little more badass. You have to admit that he can pull off the “Captain Jack Sparrow” look.

9. Nicolas Cage as Wolverine

As you will come to realize, I have picked some pretty icons roles for our friend Nicholas Cage to play – Take Wolverine here, in the X-Men movies, who is played by Hugh Jackman. And because of this Hugh Jackman is always associated with Wolverine. But, being the big movie star that Nicholas Cage is, he could take on a role such as Wolverine…couldn’t he?

8. Nicolas Cage as Gandalf

There is a god! If you are a Nic Cage fan or not (we are guessing you are if you are reading this) you have to agree that he looks amazing as Gandalf aka The White Wizard aka Gandalf the White. Stand to one side Ian McKellen for the next Hobbit as Nic Cage needs to play the next Gandalf. We might as well get Van Damme on board to play Bilbo Baggins and Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham both to play Dwarfs. Heck, maybe Chris and Liam Hemsworth as Elves?

7. Nicolas Cage as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett

Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett or to me and you Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are the guys in the movie “Bad Boys”. What’s better than Nicolas Cage is a movie? Two Nicolas Cages in a movie of course. One actor playing two roles in the same movie, it has Van Damme written all over it (Double Impact). All we need to do now is make sure a brother gets killed and throw in a little revenge. If you look closely at Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) on the DVD case you will notice he looks like the UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre.

6. Nicolas Cage as Iron Man

If you give a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist some tin cans what do you get?

On a second note: Ever wanted to know what Nic Cage may look like as Iron Man…well, Tony Stark as he isn’t wearing his suit? Now you can! The picture is more a representation of what a love child may look like between Robert Downey Jr and Nicholas Cage, but you get the idea. If Nic Cage was to play the role of Tony Stark do you think he would have done the role justice?

5. Nicolas Cage as Albus Dumbledore

Yes, this is indeed the second (first, depend on how you guys voted) Harry Potter character on our top ten list that Nicolas Cage should have played. I had to include Albus Dumbledore, as NC would look amazing playing him we think you will agree. Anyway, the Sorting Hat has spoken and told us that indeed Nic would have played a better role. No offence to Richard Harris. After all, it’s just for the LOLs, right?

4. Nicolas Cage as Forest Gump

I don’t think you could get a more iconic scene still from a movie if you tried. Even the people who haven’t seen Forest Gump will now this picture is from that movie. In all honesty, the role as Forest Gump is probably Tom Hanks’ greatest role and is a film we recommend you watch if you have not seen it. But our friend Nicholas Cage never had the chance to play the role of Forest Gump. Can you imagine him saying the line “life is like a box of chocolates…”

3. Nicolas Cage as Kevin McCallister

Oh my days! We had to sit down for this one as it’s just magical (the only word we can think of). The idea of a fully grown man playing the part of child in a film is just plain funny (no, not like Bruce Willis in “Look Who’s Talking”. That film should be banned). If you have been fortunate to watch the movie “Kung Pow” then you will know it’s possible with CGI to take an old movie and green screen in someone new. Well, someone needs to do this with Nicolas Cage in the movie “Home Alone”.

2. Nicolas Cage as Hermione Granger

Nicolas Cage as Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger is genius. As much as we all love the Harry Potter franchise (really, I do) I cannot help but think that if Nicolas Cage did in fact play Emma Watson’s part the movie would have made us a tiny bit moist. The only thing more epic than this is the possibility of Nicolas Cage playing Alan Rickman’s character Severus Snape.

1. Nicolas Cage as Willy Wonka

I can only wish that Nicholas Cage had his own Chocolate factory. But for some reason I am sure he would sell chocolate-covered ammunition (“Lord of War” reference) and not the kind Johnny Depp made in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then again, it was a remake by Tim Burton so anything was game. If you are wondering why NC didn’t play Willy Wonka we have a theory: Both films (Lord of War and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) were indeed made around the same time, so obviously Nic was busy…makes perfect sense.


Which role do you think that Nic Cage could have rocked the best?


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