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Sofia Thrane

The reason that I love Disney so much, is because you can learn so many things from the movies. It's definitely not every movie I've seen. But the movies shows you so many things, you can use in the real life. Disney is everything for me. It's actually only my family and my closest friends who know that I love Disney. Sadly I never had the change to live when Walt Disney lived, because I know it would be my biggest dream to meet him. I respect that man so much. Like Phil Collins and Elton John, I respect all the people behind Disney, for all the things you guys have taught us. I am so thankful for I got the chance to learn all the Disney's history. And I agree with the people, Disney is one of the places where I can be myself, I feel like a little kid, and I love Disney. Disney is everything to me, and the songs are everything to me. I can't even put on words, how much I love Disney and all the things they have done and given for so many years and for some many people, children like adults.

Like I already had written, I am so thankful for that I got the chance to learn Disney's stories. You can learn so many things from the stories, in the movies and the books, and of course the songs.

And my biggest dream is to meet Elton John and Phil Collins. Their disney songs, are everything to me. They both did such an incredible job, they all did. Alle the people behind Disney and of course our all Walt Disney. He's suck a great and incredible man. All the people who sang the Disney songs, did suck an incredible job.

And I love Disney with all my heart, and I will ALWAYS do. And honestly I'm so proud of all the things the whole Disney have done.


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