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Just in case you are a new comer to my videos, back in December I remade Jessica Lange's performance of "Life On Mars" on the FX's hit TV show "American Horror Story" with my drama teacher and a few of my class mates.

This version FREAK SHOW has a new one minute intro and is full with brand new footage that wasn't used in the original FREAK SHOW video. I'v re-edited the video completely from scratch because the more I watched the original the more I wanted to change it from the color of the shots, to the transitions of the shots, the lip syncing, and i'm even picky about the font that I used in the original!

Color change

The color on the first video was very over saturated and had a blurry yellow/brown texture to almost every shot in the video. In this version I enhanced the shots with a blue texture to remove yellow/brown color from the footage.

Below is a side by side of the Original cut of the video and the re-edited version of the video to show the differences and improvements between the two.


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