ByWirad hasnain, writer at

Anyone who has loved the old teen titans show, knows that this is a mockery and insult of all the characters loved by fans of the old show, an original, well constructed superhero show with elements of comedy and action. Teen Titans Go! takes our beloved Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and BeastBoy and rips them up, making newer "cooler" versions of them that appeal to little kids. If Cartoon Network thinks that a pervert who is always hitting on another team member is cool and should be shown to little kids, then I have some serious concerns for the future generation.

The original Teen Titans was cancelled, not due to lack of audience, but due to lack of merchandise sales. Cartoon Network thought that because parents didn't let their children buy some toys,which would get broken in a few days, they should cancel one of the best shows aired on that channel.

Cartoon Network had hinted resuming the series. They had started airing mini clips of the characters, and had even assembled the original voices of the characters. But instead of resuming the well loved series, they slapped us in the face with this wanna be superhero comedy. Maybe fans need to push Warner bros and Cartoon Network to restart that old series, instead of complaining about this show. Please show you're support for the old show and join the thousands of people who are still fighting to persuade WB and CN to continue their beloved show!


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