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I was very apprehensive about the upcoming Scream TV Series, partly because they weren't following anything from the original franchise and mostly because, well, it's MTV. I know I know I am one of those people who moan about MTV's run on the series, but after episode 1 I remembered just why I never wanted MTV to handle it in the first place.

MTV's Scream is so... well, MTV, and if you've watched the Pilot episode then you'll know exactly what I mean. After a video of Audrey uploads on the web of her playing tonsil tennis with another girl which goes viral, a young Bella Thorne aka. Nina is sliced like a piglet and murdered for her parents to find, starting a chain of murders linked to the video and Lakewood's old past. After the fun and surprisingly good opening sequence Scream delves straight into relationship story lines that do nothing but dominate the entire episode. I would completely understand if the characters were likable and if their teen relations were worth caring about but neither are - in other words, the kids are dumb assholes are their horny lifestyles are just plane boring. If any of us wanted to see such trash we would have tuned into one of your other shows MTV.

In saying all this there are actually a few intriguing aspects about the episode that indicate better things for the shows future. Deliberately (hopefully) Scream is quite goofy, and this is apparent throughout the entire episode, from the dark 80's past coming back and biting Daisy aka Emma's mum in the ass to that strangely fascinating final montage that highlights just how much everyone actually is a suspect. It's all very silly but as long as it isn't taking itself so seriously that's all that matters.

The only thing that ties the series to the film franchise of course is the rules, cleverly displayed by the Randy Meek's mirror image yet more irritating Noah who simply breaks it down that "You can't do a slasher as a TV series. Slashers burn bright and fast". Despite getting on my nerves ever so slightly Noah actually is the most interesting factor about the whole film, and highlights questions we were all thinking. "How could Scream even work as a TV Series?" you ask? Noah answers it with a wink and a nod. Aside from Noah the meta references and the Scream homages are welcoming and work on their own term without coming across as too much of a gimmick. A little more humour and a little less of a dark tone and we might have a worthy series on our screens.

The creators know what we're thinking and why we're so against the series idea in general, but as of know they are doing a pretty fine job in trying to persuade us to come along with them for the ride. Yes people hate the mask and yes people hate what the show is compared to the franchise but listen up folks - MTV are trying (and have accomplished) to differentiate itself from the franchise so it can have its own DNA and personality that works with or against the film franchise. I for one love the mask and find it quite scary, and although the original mask is iconic I like that this new mask almost represents a new generation, an updated version of an outfit that is very 90's. Will I continue to watch Scream? Absolutely. In fact the end of the episode and the killer season trailer is keeping me there, and that's without mentioning the interesting whodunit factor that is the leading factor.

Stay classy Scream, make sure MTV doesn't fuck you up...


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