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I'm surprised as to how few people are familiar with this cartoon. Usually people confuse it with the live action show Cops. Which is a load of fun to watch in it's own right (Bad Boys as intro music? You bet it's awesome.)

But this is C.O.P.S. - Central Organization of Police Specialists. This series, that aired at the tail end of the 80's, showed us a version of the future from the points of view of the criminals and the police force. The C.O.P.S. division is reserved for the biggest of threats. Big Boss and his gang. Check out the awesome intro.

GOD - That music. So cool.

The show uses casefiles to tell the story. Every week the cops had a new case to solve, we are lead into or case by the leader of the COPS - Bulletproof. He wears Bulletproof armor, futuristic bulletproof armor. So that thing has guns as well,.

So cool.
So cool.

Under Bulletproof is an equally awesome and unique cast.

  • P.J. "LongArm" O'Malley - has a robotic arm extension which can fire grappling hooks and anything he can attach to it.
  • Rex "Bowser" Pointer - Controls a robotic dog. How cool is that?!
  • Walker "Sundown" Calhoun - A former sheriff, also skilled with interogation techniques.
  • Sgt. Colt "Mace" Howards - My personal favorite. He has a MASSIVE laser and has a thing for Nightshade, a criminal.
  • Tina "Mainframe" Cassidy - A computer specialist.
Bulletproof, Long-Arm, Mainframe,Sundown and Bowser
Bulletproof, Long-Arm, Mainframe,Sundown and Bowser

This show was of the greatest memories I had as a kid. Just the imagination at play here is incredible and simple as well. Of course the Texan is called Sundown, of the course the one with the Bulletproof vest is named Bulletproof. It's simple, yet simultaneously cool. The bad guys have their own acronym. C.R.O.O.K.S. and they have equally cool characters.

The show takes place in Empire City, the only way I can describe it is, just imagine Blade Runner in daytime. Super highways, massive skyscrapers and flying vehicles. It's basically Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, just not dark at all and not as melancholy.

Why should Hollywood adapt this? My question is why should Hollywood not adapt this? In a film market festering with 'X' amount of sequels and remakes. Original content seems to be a rarity. Which is fine, every story follows 'The Hero's Journey'. The structure of storytelling will never change, but the settings and characters can. C.O.P.S. had more than enough uniqueness and style to be made into a cool film. I truly believe Hollywood is adapting the wrong properties. All these 'Young Adult' genre films, which play it safe, which in turn, let's Hollywood play safe. In the right hands, C.O.P.S. could be one hell of an action ride. Just keep Michael Bay away from it. My choices would be Paul Greengrass with a tripod, James Cameron without CGI, but the best person to helm this film would be Rian Johnson or Zack Snyder. Both have the technical flair and sense of storytelling to bring a world like this to life.

Plus, a world like this would be a breath of fresh air from the superhero fatigue. We want to see characters who aren't super, but make themselves super for a limited amount of time. I want to see more John Mclanes, and less Clark Kents.

So, if any head honcho from Hollywood ever reads this. You are sitting on a gold mine in C.O.P.S. It could be the next Minority Report. God, the possibilities.

Oh yeah, if you ever need a director, let me know.

I hope you've enjoyed this read everyone. If you haven't seen it, go check out C.O.P.S.


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