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Iron Man to the end
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I thought I go out of my comfort zone here and shed light on the whole dangerous side of time travel, it's many consist of a person or people who with a help of a machine or something travel either to the past or to the future. However those who travel in time do so without care for the damages they can cause for example the grandfather paradox is most commonly used in films where the person who killed their grandfather prevent them from being born in the first place at all. Great movie examples includes

Back to the future trilogy )

A classic directed by Robert Zemeckis where a young boy Marty Mcfly travel back in time to save his future by making sure his parents get married, the result is a future where if the pass isn't ulter from the wild west era there is no future. Anyone who see the film will know what the film is about and the danger of time travel. The film change the the present and future for Marty, Jennifer and his family for the either good or bad.

Xmen Days Of Future Past )

This film from the Xmen franchise and from MCU is perhaps the most important film in the franchise, as the events from Xmen The Last Stand did not happen with Wolverine sent back from the future to the past to prevent the US government from ever allowing the Sentinels being created. This meant that Jean Grey never died trying to kill Wolverine, the cure were not created nor did Charles died which is why Professor X was in Days of future past which begs the question which time were real the past or the future and who is actually dead and still alive and how will the future be shaped following Wolverine actions.

The Terminator Franchise )

The Terminator Franchise consists of a robot being sent back in time on numerous occasions to kill Sarah Connors to prevent her son John from being born that will lead a revolution against the machines, the future is constantly changing with each robot being sent back failing their duty and forcing the heroes to make new choices that alter the future and create number of futures for them.

Planet Of The Apes Franchise )

Perhaps the most confusing time travel film is the original planet of the apes franchise where Charlton Heston played Taylor a American pliot who crash landed on a at first a strange planet where apes who over humans, he later discovered the planet is Earth but the friends he made on the planet travelled back to Earth 1973 where they gaved birth to a child who later with the help of a female ape repopulated the planet with intelligent apes. This action set a new era of apes vs humans who later called truce and decided to work together and lived together. However the reboot in 2011 titled Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes show how the humans greatest discovery became their greatest regret when the apes rised against them, this led to the Dawn of the planet of the apes where the third instalment set up nicely the event of the planet of the apes starred Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall but the reboot contradicts the third filmed in the original franchise Conquest of the planet of the apes where we see how the humans created the intelligence apes, that time travel for you.

Thanks for reading and what are your thoughts on time travel ?


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