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Its less than a year until Batman v Superman hits the theaters. What do we know so far? Well not that much, but enough to give it a try. For what? To make a reconstruction of the possible plot of this upcoming movie.

This "try" is based of what we've seen already and a dream I've had about it. So lets start!

The movie starts dark. It's refreshing the memories of what has happened in man of steel, we'll see TV reports and Clark/Superman is a little bit depressed 'bout the pressure. He just wants to help, but feels sorry for all the damage the fight with Zod has done. (We'll the Kryptonians did much more damage than the fight with Kal and Zod while trying to change earth into a second krypton).

Bruce Wayne who arrived in Metropolis a short time after the fight, because a building of his was destroyed, too; located the old armor of Zod and took it in case he'll need it sometime. We'll he's damn sure he'll need it.

Back in metropolis we'll learn to know more about Lex Luthor. A young billionaire. Not a bad guy in that way we knew him. But he doesn't trust Superman and thinks he has to be stopped. In order to find out how, he pays some checks to get the dead body of Zod. After a while without finding anything, someone found green crystals, which were produced during the failed terraforming process.

He thinks, maybe when he injects something from that into his own body, he could become someone like superman, but it didn't worked out. He loses his hair, maybe some other side effects we'll won't the during that movie. After that fail, during a moment of frustration, he test that kryptonite on the dead Zod, and results are clear, the radiation of those crystals are harming the cell structure of the Kryptonian body. Later in the movie we'll see that there is a secret mechanism thats build into Zods genes, originally to protect krypton in a worst case scenario, wich was activated by the contact with kryptonite.

Meanwhile all the attention goes to superman. Many are fearing him, hating him but many also love him, even worship him as a god, referring old prophecies to him. People who want to be like him and created a little superman army with his emblem on their suits. Batman doesn't like this, he feels weak and old against Superman and that gets to him. He gets frustrated and wants to get rid of him. Alfred tries to talk him out of it, because he understands Supermans point of view as well, but Bruce is too frustrated to listen, he already lost so much, just because the Joker, that Superman guy is even far more than just a human.

Both Clark and Bruce has to fight their own inner demons, they even meet each other without knowing it, although Superman will find out soon. Lois is supporting Clark. Something is happening in the city. A Job for Superman. But it's a boobie trap from Lex, to get Superman to destroy something. Bruce who's still in Metropolis, steps in. As Batman.

A first confrontation happened fast between Batman and Superman, Superman tries to talk, he's not the bad guy and Batman should more care about his own problems (Joker for example), but we know Batman, first punching than thinking or even talking, ending with the total destruction of the Batmobil. The first fight with Superman doesn't end so well for Batman, what gets him just more frustrated and feeling helpless against such a giant. Even that small human "Superman army" is willing to fight against Batman, but Superman's stopping them, he knows thats not the right way.

Lex finds out 'bout that and finds a way to send Batman kryptonite, anonym, with the message of the effects of kryptonite to a Kryptonian body.

Thats the time we'll see Wonder Woman, but without her suit. She knows Bruce and who he is. After a dance on a gala for collecting money for the people in metropolis who lost everything, she see's that Bruce is about to try. She tries to talk him out of it, but even she can't get through to him.

Batman prepares for the fight, he's willing to take superman out, once and for all. Superman doesn't wanna fight but Batman is starting to piss him off, including all those pressure from the media.

The fight starts. They're punching themselves through buildings, Batman is losing it and forgets that that was exactly the thing he was concerned about regarding the fight Superman vs Zod. Batman, even with an armor build out of the armor of Zod, still has no chance, so he's trying the kryptonite, Superman didn't knew that anything like that even exists. The fights continues with a weakend Superman and Batman is finally equally to Superman.

Zods transformation is completed, nothing left of the old zod, just a monster willing to kill and to destroy everything. But still there a fragments of Zods memories, in the centre the hate against Kal El. Doomsday gets released by Lex and is first confronted by Wonderwoman, but she alone is no match. There is just one way, stop the fight between Batman and Superman, who still don't know whats going on, and talk to them both. She has to unite them, at all costs. Not easy, but they get the point. Aren't getting best friends but are willing to fight together with Wonderwoman against Doomsday. Superman fly's high to heal himself in the sun and gets back to join WW and Batman.

An epic fight starts between them and again a lot of destruction.

They win, and Batman starts to see, If Superman had left the planet before doomsday was "born" after the fight with Zod and the controversial talk about him in the news, they never could've beaten Doomsday. He still doesn't trust him but a new enemy is rising and again they have to work together, but this time, a new Pal is joining them.


(Every possible mistake is a feature, not a fail ;) )

What do you think? What are your ideas for the plot? Or did you read something you even didn't thought of before?


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