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From The Following to interstellar Christopher Nolan is one of the top Movie Director of the last 10 years. In my opinion thoses three scenes should be a " must have seen " for everyone. Why ? Because Nolan recreated and bring back to life the Batman franchise, because he made the One and Only Interstellar and put DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt on the top.

Well let's move on.

  • 1 : Interstellar: The Black-Hole / Tesseract Scene

This scene is totally mind blowing. If you wonder how does Nolan do this, this article will answer your question

  • 2 :Inception : The Zero Gravity Hallway Scene

All right all right let me explain. This scene is totally real, the first time I saw the movie i was like : Whaaaaaaat ?? How do they do this ?

I saw this movie two times on theater because of THIS scene. (I'm lying I loved the all movie)

  • 3 :The Dark Knight : Robbery Scene

How to introduce the Joker? A bank robbery. Fiver robbers who suppose to work for them and kill each one of them in order. At least we saw the Joker was one those robber. How can we introduce him better? Nolan have shown genius with scene.

Well in my opinion that's it but if you have another podium I'll be glad to know more about it. I hope you enjoy it, agree/disagree comment below and let me know about it.


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