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With the release of Terminator Genisys, making all of us hyped for the new Schwarzenegger robotic time adventure, it makes us curious to know the little off-screen facts that builds up this franchise. Here are 10 impressive facts surrounding the series.

10 - Linda and Leslie Hamilton

Modern audiences might believe that the scenes where Sarah Connor has a clone appearing together with her are product of an early CGI. However, what really calls our attention is that Linda Hamilton, the actress that portrays Sarah Connor on The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, actually has a sister, Leslie Hamilton. And what we see in those scenes are actually two different people, but both playing the same role.

9 - Cyborg Dog on The Terminator??

One production company suggestion was to make Kyle Reese arrive in 1984 with a Cyborg Dog as pet, however, James Cameron thankfully was against this dumb idea.

8 - Terminator Lawsuit

Sci-fi fiction writer Harlan Ellison, believed that The Terminator borrowed too much of his own work, referring himself specifically to two episodes of his 60's TV Series The Outer Limits. He filed a lawsuit against James Cameron and got his name featured on the credits of The Terminator. James, consider Ellison "a parasite".

7 - The Terminator without James Cameron?

A film that proved a vital first step on James Cameron's career, The Terminator almost wasn't entrusted to the Canadian filmmaker at all. Cameron wrote the screenplay but he was only prepared to sell to a production company that would allow him to direct, however that was something hard to happen. Eventually he teamed up with Dale Pictures and Orion Pictures and was given a not too shabby $6.5 million dollars budget, and managed to make sci-fi movie history.

6 - Edward Furlong voice issues.

Making his acting debut for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Furlong was 13 years old when casted. However, Furlong had a'lot of growing to do, and that caused problems during the productions. Specially with his voice, that broke while filming, forcing the majority of his scenes to be re-dubbed later after.

5 - No one wanted "The Terminator"

Although the Terminator franchise is one the most groundbreaking series in motion picture history, not everyone saw the potential of the movie from day one. Mel Gibson and O.J Simpson turned down the chance of portraying the featured T-800 character. And behind the camera, there were considerable doubts as well, since studios repeatedly said "no" to the scripts and even James Cameron's agent was against the idea.

4 - I'll be back or I will be back?

The most famous catchphrase from Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll be back" might never have been mouthed at all if it wasn't for Arnie's difficulty in pronouncing "I will". The original script had the actor say "I'll come back", and then altered to "I will be back".

3 - The John Connor curse.

The idea of the John Connor curse is that every actor who played John Connor was to suffer any form of bad luck post filming.

Edward Furlong (Termintor 2: Judgment Day): Battled drug abuse and alcoholism years after shooting the movie

Nick Stahl (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines): Battled drug abuse and alcoholism just like Furlong.

Christian Bale (Terminator Salvation): Footage of him violently swearing at film crew was leaked alongside Terminator Salvation as you can watch below:

Jason Clark (Terminator Genisys): I wish you luck mate

2 - Nothing is too dangerous for James Cameron

James Cameron took a few risks with his Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie to succeed. During the climatic helicopter chase scene, Cameron's crew refused to shoot part of the sequences due to its incredible danger involved. Thus, James personally pressed record, have Cameron not had the guts we would never have had the shot.

1 - "The Terminator" is a dream come true!

While in Rome, James Cameron was working on the post-production of Piranha 2, Cameron, fortunately, grew sick and had to leave early to go to bed. That night, he had a dream. In the dream, as told by him, there was an explosion, and coming out of it was a robot, cut in half, armed with kitchen knives, crawling toward a fleeing girl. Despite the fever, Cameron sketched the robot down after he awoke, and once back in the United States, he hammered out a draft of what would become today's The Terminator.


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