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Ed Helms (Hangover 1-3; The Office) stars in the rebooted National Lampoon Vacation franchise.

There were four National Lampoon (There are two additional Vacation titled movies but the lack the National Lampoon tag).

Ed Helms plays an adult Rusty Griswold in the fifth and latest installment in the series. Joining Helms are Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth.

Rubbing salt in a big sore spot.
Rubbing salt in a big sore spot.

Rusty decides that his family is in dire need of bonding time so he takes them on a cross-country trip to the west coast for a visit to Walley World, the amusement park (featured in the first movie), which is soon closing down permanently.

In a touch of nostalgia, Chevy Chase and Beverly De Angelo reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold, Rusty’s parents.

Spanning generations.
Spanning generations.

Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein also wrote the screenplay based on characters created by the late John Hughes.

The newest Vacation was originally scheduled for a fall 2015 release then changed dates a second time before its scheduled release on July 29, 2015.

Vacation is rated “R.”

Ed Helms currently has three projects in various stages of pre-production, including a role in upcoming TV series, The One Percent, along with Ed Harris and Hillary Swank.

The ten-episode first season will debut on the premium cable network, Starz, at a date to be announced.


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