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The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The last of us,

The dashing tale of a man (Joel) who loses his only daughter ( and we ALL know if you played this game, you balled like a baby.) during the outbreak of the apocalypse. Survives 20 years later to meet 15 year old (I think) Ellie, who has a bad mouth and is immune to the virus. This terrific tale of horror , tragedy , and ZOMBIES is and will forevermore be my favorite game.

This game really gives you this feeling when you play it and beat it. Like , after you watch a whole series or a book series and you've really bonded with those characters , its the exact same way I feel toward this game. It made my emotions go all over the place. Trust me when I tell you that you honestly can't just leave me hanging. Like what happens to Joel and Ellie? What happens when Ellie finds out Joel lied?

Will it be set in the future? Or right where it left off (preferably the second one) ? If I was given the chance to make a second one, I would. Long live Joel & Ellie !


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