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10. Ben Barnes-

Reasoning: The guy is an all around great actor, he can make quick quips and pull off an in-his-prime vigilante working his way to the top.

9. David Henrie-

Reasoning: He can be funny one second and serious the next, very similar to Dick Grayson's personality.

8. Ian Somerhalder-

Reasoning: He could be a great Nightwing! He is amazing as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. If he just altered that performance slightly he would be great as the acrobatic guardian of Bludhaven.

7. Steven R. McQueen-

Reasoning: Another Vampire Diaries pick. He's a huge Nightwing fan and has stated that he would love to play the character. He's passionate, has the looks, and is a talented young actor. That's a great formula for Nightwing.

6. David Giuntoli-

Reasoning: He was awesome on Grimm, solving monster cases week after week and being equally charismatic and dark as hell. Those are some great ingredients in a recipe for Nightwing success.

5. Milo Ventimiglia-

4. Jared Padalecki-

Reasoning: If you've watched Supernatural you know he'd be great for an older Dick Grayson. Sam and Dick are actually similar characters in all honesty. The way they idolized their father (In Dick's case the father would be Batman) but were ultimately let down so they decided to go in a different direction, while still retaining love for their father figure.

3. Joseph Gordon Levitt-

Reasoning: He played a killer John Blake, who was Christopher Nolan's Robin. He was set up to even replace Batman at the end of the film as well!

2. Darren Criss-

Reasoning: Being a stage actor he has developed quite the emotional range, that being said he's also shown he can be very charismatic from his role on Glee, I wouldn't complain if he was cast into the role of Dick Grayson.

1. Taylor Lautner

Reasoning: He's known for being Jacob Black in Twilight, but after watching him in Tracers I feel like he could really bring some impressive things to this role. Some of those things include: He already knows parkour because he learned it for Tracers, he has a ton of charisma that he could bring into the role, and he is in awesome physical shape. He would knock this role out of the park.


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