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Hi everybody, today I want to share my opinion about Ridley Scott. The man who gave us Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, the man who makes classics. Today I want to talk about the legend, Sir Scott. I'll comment on a few movies, not his whole filmography. Okay let's begin.

The first thing that came in my mind now is, how the hell Ridley regressed since Robin Hood. I mean, its my opinion but Robin Hood, Prometheus, and Cartel were bad. So bad that when Exodus came out, I didn't even watch the movie and I still didn't see it. So Exodus you're safe!

Ridley Scott marked my entire childhood, same as other directors like Spielberg, or Lucas. The first movie I saw from Scott was Blade Runner and it's still in my top 10 Sci-Fi movies. And I saw Alien, I'll start with this one and came back on Blade runner later.

After his first movie The Duellists, Scott though about an adaption of the Opera Tristan und Isolde, but after some event Scott accept to make the movie Alien. This movie were the catch phrase was In space no one can hear you scream. This movie became an instantly classic, won the oscar for the best visual effect and dominate the Saturn Awards winning three prices including the Best Science Fiction Movie.

But i won't focus on this, lets talk about the film that ruined the Alien universe Prometheus.

Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Finally !!!!!!!!! That was almost the global reaction. Ridley came back after Robin Hood on the Alien franchise, his baby. 33 years later he started something new, a new story that explains the origin of the Aliens and the Human race. What if god lives in space ? I was so excited, and so disapointed when I first saw this movie. The only thing i kept in my mind about this movie is a sentence " Big things have small beginnings. ". The movie constantly try to make allusion to Alien, he get nothing to tell us, everythinh I've hope to learn, find, see wasn't there, there's no claustrophobic atmosphere, no fears, no surviving, nothing.

But Ridley didn't make only one classic Sci-fi movie, nope, remember ? Blade Runner.

Yep, I love this movie, I love the Cyberpunk universe and it came from this movie. Harrison Ford is a Blade Runner, a sort of Police Detective charge to find Replicants, the fantasme of the Human race. The perfect robot, stronger and clever than a man but they have no empathy. A Replicant have no right to live on earth, so when then came to earth, they're considered as Outlaw and tracked by the Blade Runner. I love everything is this movie, the music made by Vangelis, the plot, the actors ( rutger hauer underpants giving one of the best speech in movie history ), the atmosphere is so unique. Everything works.

But let's come back to why i'm saying all this, The Martian.

I'm waiting this movie so much. I mean the survival aspect, the Sci-fi " realistic " atmosphere, the cast, the plot. Well i hope this movie will works, I hope Ridley will make something really huge, special. R-Scott, knows of to make a really good movie, for example, American Gangster, BlackHawk Down, Gladiator, Body of Lies, The Silence of the Lambs. I think this movie will be one the best movies Ridley made, some people said that it look likes Interstellar, well maybe a little bit I agree, but we can't say that because Nolan's movies are very different and unique like Scott's movies. They get their own universe, don't compare it. Let's just hope that he will be as good as Interstellar was.

Well I hope you enjoy this post, tell me if you agree or not with my article and if the Martian will be a good movie in the comment section.


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