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Well, here I am! Father of three, comic book nerd and movie fanatic! I am here to enjoy some nice conversations and debates with fellow movi

Hello everybody! Fellow geeks and nerds and movie fanatics as myself! My first post ever, still learning how to use this properly! My first questions is for all my fellow Marvel fans out there about the upcoming Ant man movie. Ok, as we all know, MCU vs. Earth 616. We all know Hank Pym was one of the founders of the Avengers , creator of the original suit and was married to the Wasp a.k.a Janet Pym, both of which have been completely absent thus far. Scott Lang will then be introduced as the main Ant man, he was the first successor in the comic books, later died than returned...So, my questions are, what are your thoughts on the Hank Pym not being the main Ant-Man? As he is already old and retired from adventure, what role do you believe he will play in the upcoming movies? How do you think Scott Lang will be portrayed and what do you think his roles will be? Will there be a connection to Ultron with Hank Pym somehow? What are your over all thoughts on the upcoming movie and what it may lead to in the future for the MCU version of Ant-Man and most of all! Are you excited?


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