ByLiza Haines, writer at

I watch the re-runs of charmed over and over. That is how much I luv the show and the cast members. I like all characters but I like phoebe the most because I'm like her. We have almost all the same personality. I cry at every season. Especially the last season and the last episode. I wish I can meet all of people who put the show together. That would make me so happy!!!! The characters and the whole show inspired me to do everything I want to do. Teaches me stuff everyday I watch the show. It taught me that I can be a badass and show who I really am and shouldn't care about what others think of me. We all got talents and gifts. That's what makes us human and who we are. I believe in witchcraft and demons and ghosts and everything else. Everyday I practice writing spells and everything else. I just turned 16 in June and believe that I should be appreciative and more respectful more for everything. And I'm truly appreciative for everything that is everything in life. I just wanna say thank you for everything. I will never stop believing in magic and will never stop watching the show. Thank you all for creating the show charmed!!!!!!!!!!!!


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