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Well, here I am! Father of three, comic book nerd and movie fanatic! I am here to enjoy some nice conversations and debates with fellow movi

Hello everybody, now that I have had time to explore a bit more these tools and wonderful place for all movie lovers. Let me talk about Inside out, Pixar's brand new movie that I had the chance to watch yesterday. Let me just say ahead, I am a father of three children.

Pixar is very talented at making animated movies, I myself have been a big fan since A Bug's Life. Not one movie have I disliked so far and this is no different, although I must admit I walk in with a bit of hesitation towards this one. Not too sure on what to expect from this but all that was squashed by this wonderful story of growing up, love, family, adaption, changes and acceptance. All of it told from quite the unusual perspective of the emotions themselves.

Many times as I watched this movie I recalled my own childhood and spaced out at times even thinking of what it was like back then. What memories make me me and what memories remain buried deep inside, it brought back memories of that one toy or thing that was my best friend.

The way Pixar portrays the brain and it's inhabitants controlling our day to day lives is quite ingenious and entertaining. They manage to give us a balance and at the same time as it serious enough, it has it's bits of humor in it that add to it nicely.

The story follows nicely our main character Riley as she grows up into a young teenager facing unexpected changes in life. At one point and another we even get to see inside the parents head which gives us a good laugh.

But the movie is not so much about Riley, yet all about Riley, yes I know that is confusing. Meaning that the movie goes into her mind to show us the losses, the wins, the sadness and the joys of growing up. It reminds us of our long lost friends and that craziness of our imagination that ruled our childhoods. Not only does it show the changes in her but also the eventual changes in her emotions and their maturing and what that means for her as she goes on in life.

All in all, this movie is great and wonderful, as a child it will be fascinating and entertaining with their nice colorful world and good engaging story and as an adult, you can equally enjoy it as you understand the deeper meaning of the movie.

This movie deserves at least a nomination if not an award for another great job done at Pixar studios.


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