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A day ago, a rumour popped up on the internet that has everyone debating whether is real or fake. As rumours usually do. This particular rumour though is very interesting and perhaps a bit out of left-field.

WB Games Montreal, the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins, are supposedly developing an open-world Superman game, potentially set in the Arkhamverse. This would follow the rumour from last week that the company was hiring to fill 15 positions (source: gamesradar) for an open world action game, which is “a new IP project for next generation game platforms.” The game they are working on will have an online component and, most importantly, WB’s listing describes them as being “a passionate dev team developing DC Comics-focused AAA games that evolve and celebrate the legendary brands of Warner Bros.” Superman fits that bill pretty well, the other alternate rumour is that they're developing a Suicide Squad game which is where the online component could perhaps make sense as that particular group of super-villains/anti-heroes lend themselves to a co-op experience.

The best video I can find, although there's a GIF of the second image here ( The idea of x-ray vision being a replacement for Detective Mode makes a lot of sense, and the environment, layout and the characters themselves look believable enough. If this is indeed a fake, bravo to the person who made it, exploiting the potential hype. I've heard many people saying that the character model of New 52 Superman looks too similar to the one from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Here's the thing though: Is there really anything you can do to make the models super-different? (see what I did there?) I'm able to spot minor differences such as the hair, texture and lighting etc. But what's easier? Creating a completely new model or using the resources of an already made one and just modifying them? I think you know which one it is.

And to those saying that the first screenshot looks cheap and terrible, keep in mind that game is a WORK IN PROGRESS, still in development. This most likely isn't going to be what the final product looks like. So don't get your Kryptonian knickers in a knot.

I for one am excited for a open-world Superman game, more-so than a Suicide Squad game honestly (never was a big fan of those characters in the first place) and while the majority of us would prefer Rocksteady to make the definitive Superman experience, the next best option would be WB Games Montreal. I enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins for the most part, it held me over until Batman: Arkham Knight and overall was an enjoyable experience. The only problem with that game was that it was in the shadow of a much greater, rich experience that was Rocksteady's Batman trilogy. With a new IP and barely any examples to follow (I'm looking at you, Superman 64) Perhaps WB Games Montreal can prove themselves to be a developer worthy of praise and recognition. As long as there are no damn rings with terrible controls to fly through. Seriously, just don't. Bad memories.

UPDATE: The image of Superman standing in Metropolis has been confirmed as FAKE. The image is a modified version of a Watch Dogs screenshot. Credit goes to Josh Burrell, thanks man!


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