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The Fourth of July might have just passed, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still feeling patriotic as hell. It might have been the fireworks. Might have been all that BBQ and beer.

Whatever the reason may be, in honor of America, I had to show off these phenomenally patriotic cosplayers rocking the red, white, and blue. Don't be surprised if you begin to feel like it's Independence Day all over again.

1. Star-Spangled Lollipop Chainsaw

[Source: ByakuganAcolyte]

Nothing says America more than a cheerleader fighting zombies. Red, white, and blue has never looked so good.

2. Muppetlicious Same, The Regal Eagle

[Source: Kaijugal]

A bald eagle has some responsibilities as he is the national symbol for America. Nothing protects American values and morals more than the Eagle from the Muppets repping his colonial coat.

3. A is for America

[Source: Break]

Stormtroopers are already a representation of utmost authority, but this specific one just reeks of strength and power! Must be those American stripes and star.

4. Captain Spiderman America

[Source: Luc Luzzo]

As if the costume wasn't already badass enough! I was never a fan of spiders, but I supposed even spiders are American and should be treated with respect.

5. Boba Fett Looking Boba PHAT in Red, White, and Blue

[Source: David Ngo]

Mandalorian? More like 100% American.

6. Diesel Punk Captain America

[Source: Michelle Nguyen]

Who said Captain America can't be a woman? She's looking good standing on the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Did I mention I want those shoes? End of story.

7. Broodingly America

[Source: V Threepio]

This X-Men is looking very "American Man." Who knew mutants could be so proud to be an American?

8. The Mini Iron Patriot

[Source: IAmIronmanSg]

He may be small, but don't be fooled! He sure is mighty. Mighty proud to be an American, that is.

Does anybody else wish they were back to the pool with their burgers and beers? Maybe blasting some Springsteen out of your speakers?

America may not be perfect, but I sure am proud to be an American!


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