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After the first three books were made into a film 11 years ago, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally getting the treatment it deserves and a whole series is currently in production thanks to Netflix. The show is much anticipated by devoted fans of the dark book series, and today our patience was finally rewarded with a teaser trailer!

The trailer was uploaded to a mysterious YouTube account owned by 'Eleanora Poe.' Fans of the book series will recognize the name as the sister of Mr. Arthur Poe (the banker in charge of the Baudelaire orphans), and also the editor-in-chief of 'The Daily Punctilio' who was ultimately locked in the basement of her newspaper thanks to her star reporter and Esmé Sqaulor.

The whole trailer is only 35-seconds long, but is extremely detailed, so check out some of the highlights before you watch the whole teaser trailer at the end:

Throughout the trailer a record that is supposedly by The Gothic Archies plays. This band is particularly fitting given that they wrote and performed thirteen songs for the audiobook versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The trailer then sweeps over a table full of hints at all the plots that the series will cover. First up is book one 'The Bad Beginning,' and we see Violet Baudelaire's hair ribbon, the marriage license, two tickets to the 'Marvelous Marriage,' and Justice Strauss' book on nuptial law. There is also a cameo locket that looks remarkably like the one of the cover of Daniel Handler's book 'The Beatrice Letters.'

We then sweep past a doorman's cap which probably fits in with either the sixth book 'The Ersatz Elevator,' or perhaps book 12 'The Penultimate Peril.' There is also a photograph of what looks to be triplets, perhaps the Quagmire triplets who feature in books 5, 6 and 7? The shot also contains a book entitled 'Mushroom Minutiae,' which, along with some fungi inside a glass jar, is taken from book 11 'The Grim Grotto.'

Next up we see a needlepoint decoration which reads 'Lucky Smells Lumber Mill,' and a book titled 'Paltryville Constitution,' which are both hints at book four 'The Miserable Mill.' Meanwhile, in front on the needlepoint is a stuffed crow which is a reference to book seven 'The Vile Village.'

There is a call to book 12, 'The Penultimate Peril' in the next shot with a small stack of smoking books with Klaus's glasses sitting on the top. One book is called 'How to Start Fires' and one bears the symbol of the VFD. Fire is an important element in the whole Series of Unfortunate Events and, no spoilers, but this shot is pretty telling about where the whole series will go.

After the smoking books we move on to gross, grubby plates in another reference to book one 'The Bad Beginning' and the Baudelaire children making pasta puttanesca for Count Olaf and his theater troupe. The dinnerware is covered in the ominous eye symbol synonymous with Count Olaf, a motif which is repeatedly seen throughout the whole trailer.

We get our first hint of a human in the series with this next shot, but only a small hint as fingers 'walk' alongside a spider before crushing it dead. Who belongs to this hand? Well, that's revealed right at the end of the trailer.

Before we see who this creepy collection belongs to we get the pleasure of meeting a leech from Lake Lachrymose. These leeches feature prominently in the third book of the series, 'The Wide Window.'

We then reach our title cards, with the promise of more unfortunate events to come soon.

And, of course, the mention of Netflix who is finally taking up the challenge of making this amazing series of books into a series like it deserves, (and not a single film cramming as much in as possible).

And finally the camera zooms back so we can see the entire table of curiosities and also the silhouetted profile of the person who presumably owns it all, someone who is almost certainly Count Olaf - spooky!

The whole trailer is amazing, and packed full of hints at what the Netflix series will contain when it's released. Unfortunately, we don't have a date for the release of the series yet, but given the fact that we have a teaser trailer, it will almost certainly be very soon.

Watch the whole teaser trailer below:

Source: Cosmopolitan, The Verge


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