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(Warning - MAJOR PLOT AND CASTING SPOILERS for Ant-Man lie below - proceed with whatever level of caution your desire to not know anything plot-related going into the movie dictates...)

It may not have started life as the most eagerly-anticipated of Marvel movies - and the controversy surrounding the departure of Edgar Wright from the director's chair certainly didn't help matters - but in recent weeks, Ant-Man has started to develop a whole lot more buzz than many were expecting.

In part, that's likely the result of an in-built pop-cultural faith in Marvel Studios' innate consistency, but a major factor also seems to have been the hugely well-received recent trailers and TV spots. Interestingly, the very elements of the movie that many were concerned about - its comedic nature in particular - are actually exactly why many fans are getting excited to see it.

As it turns out, though, the latest TV Spot for the film features an even bigger enticement:

We Finally Have Our First Proper Look at an Avenger in Ant-Man


Now, a few days back, we caught our first possible glimpse of the Avenger in question, in a subtle, seemingly-winged shot in a previous TV Spot...

This one, in fact.
This one, in fact.

...but it wasn't until the recent release of a Spanish-language spot that we actually managed to grab out first full and proper look at the hero in the movie.

You can check it out for yourself just below:

Yup. That's right...

The Falcon is most definitely in Ant-Man...

Which, y'know, we've kind of known for months - but it's nice to get an actual look at the guy...and a hint that his involvement will be distinctly superheroic...

Now, then - onward to the Captain America: Civil War connection-related speculation!

What do you think, though?



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