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It's no secret that the freshest prince, Will Smith, cemented his impressive career when he first captured the throne of Bel Air 25 years ago. 8 years later, a pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes was batting her big, angsty, doe-eyes at Dawson, Buffy was kicking some serious vampire butt and the Olsen twins were being...well, the Olsen twins.

But a whole bunch of superstars forged their careers on our '90s TV screens. Here's a long (but not exclusive) list of red carpet celebs our VHS players will always remember...

1. Claire Danes - My So Called Life, 1994

Best Quote: "So when Rayanne Graff told me my hair was holding me back, I had to listen. Because she wasn’t just talking about my hair. She was talking about my life."

2. Jared Leto - My So Called Life, 1994

Best Quote:

Jordan: "You talk a lot."

Angela: "I have said like eight sentences to you my entire life."

Jordan: "This whole day has been one long thing that makes no sense."

3. Robert Downey Jr. - Ally McBeal, 1997

Best Quote:

Ally McBeal: "You are the biggest ass I have ever met."

Larry: "Perhaps this is where you... kiss it goodbye."

4. Lucy Liu - Ally McBeal, 1998

Best Quote: "If I made love to you you'd go blind."

5. Ryan Gosling - Goosebumps, Say Cheese and Die, 1996

6. Mila Kunis - That '70s Show, 1998

Best Quote: "Someone might follow one of these other women home but when people follow me, it's usually to ask me where I get my hair done or to give me presents."

7. Aston Kutcher - That '70s Show, 1998

Best Quote: "You know Fez, unfortunately there are some people in this world that are gonna judge you on the color of your skin or your funny accent or that girly little way you run. But you know what? You're not alone. Why do you think the Martians won't land here? 'Cause they're green and they know people are gonna make fun of 'em."

8. James Franco - Freaks & Geeks, 1999

Best Quote:

Daniel Desario: "I wrote out some Ramones songs."

Nick Andopolis: "The Ramones? They only use like three chords."

Daniel Desario: "So? I'll learn another one."

9. Seth Rogen - Freaks & Geeks, 1999

Best Quote: "I have to get into a bar. Everything fun in life happens in bars."

10. Jason Segel - Freaks & Geeks, 1999

Best Quote: "Wow, that dinner smells good. Let me guess... meat?"

11. Katie Holmes - Dawsons Creek, 1998

Best Quote: "Dawson, don't you ever wonder where this is going, where we are exactly? I mean, is this just the first act or is our story ended and we're just too stupid to realize it?"

12. Michelle Williams - Dawsons Creek, 1998

Best Quote: "I left home because I couldn't handle being the bad girl anymore. But if being the bad girl means not walking around in a perpetual state of loneliness, then bad girl it is."

13. Sarah Michelle Geller - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997

Best Quote: "I may be dead, but I’m still pretty."

14. Seth Green - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997

Best Quote: "Aunt Maureen? Hey, it's me. Um, what? Oh. It's, uh... actually it's healing okay. That's pretty much the reason I called. Um, I wanted to ask you something. Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh-huh. And how long has that been going on? Uh-huh. What? No, no reason. Um... Thanks. Yeah, love to Uncle Ken."

15. Michelle Trachtenberg - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997

Best Quote: "I don't think Buffy's Watcher likes me too much. I think it's cuz he's just so... old... I'm not sure how old he is, but I heard him use the word 'newfangled' one time. So he's gotta be pretty far gone."

16. Alyson Hannigan - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997

Best Quote: "A good Sunnydale rule of thumb? Avoid white-skinned men wearing capes."

17. Denise Richards - Saved By The Bell, 1991

Denise made a guest appearance in one episode of Saved By The Bell.

18. Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 1990

Best Quote:

Carlton Banks: "I thought Ashley was in bed."

Will Smith: "Yeah, and you also thought Tupac Shakur was a Jewish holiday."

19. Gillian Anderson - X-Files, 1993

Best Quote: "Please explain to me the scientific nature of the "whammy"."

20. Melissa Joan Hart - Clarissa Explains It All, 1991

Best Quote: "Really? I wish I had known. I love doing stuff."

21. Woody Harrelson - Cheers, '80s -1993

Best Quote: "Could somebody please explain to me where the little 'pop thing' is on the turkey? I mean, 'cause maybe it's different in the city, but in the country, where I come from, turkeys aren't *born* with little pop things!"

22. Tori Spelling - Beverly Hills, 90210, 1990

Best Quotes: "High school guys, college guys, grad school guys, drop guys. You cannot dress the same for all guys."

23. Larisa Oleynik - The Secret World of Alex Mack, 1994

Best Quote: "I'm fourteen years old; that's almost half-way to thirty. I need my own space."

24. The Olsen Twins - Full House, '80s-1995

25. Kyle MacLachlan - Twin Peaks, 1990

Best Quote:

Dale Cooper: "Harry, we're in trouble. If the door to the Black Lodge does exist, it probably exists at a point in time. Now, an object, such as a door, normally exists at a point in time and space. By way of contrast, a shooting star normally exists at a point in time over a continuum of space. But taken from the star's point of view, it's a completely different experience."

Harry Truman: "You just lost me."

Dale Cooper: "If we're not at the right place at exactly the right time, we won't find our way in."

26. Matthew Fox - Party of Five, 1994

Best Quote: "Once upon a time there were two people, a man and a woman. They met one night and fell in love and decided to get married. The man asked her if she wanted to have any children. The woman said, "Sure. How about five?"

27. Neve Campbell - Party of Five, 1994

Best Quote: "The only thing that I can do... the only thing I can do for you, is tell you that we're gonna be okay. Because we are, the five of us. I don't know how I know it. I just do. We're gonna be okay. And maybe, if you know that... you'll be okay too."


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